Meaningful Christmas Gifts You Can Afford ...

By Deeceebee

Meaningful  Christmas  Gifts  You Can  Afford  ...

There is no doubting that Christmas is a magical time, but for some, it can also be a time of great financial burden and stress. The commercial edge that the festive season has can scare a lot of people into making decisions and purchases that they can’t really afford, but it doesn’t have to be this way at all. You can put love and feeling in to a gift without it costing the equivalent of a week’s worth of food! Here are some meaningful Christmas gifts that you can afford.

Table of contents:

  1. bake
  2. crafts
  3. customise
  4. personal vouchers
  5. beautiful wrapping

1 Bake

Nothing says I love you more than home baked goodies! Baking a big batch of cookies or brownies doesn’t cost much, but with the right attention to detail and care and attention, you can make some beautiful gift parcels for your nearest and dearest. After all, sometimes the most expensive gifts never get used, but people are always going to want to eat cookies!

2 Crafts

Again, you can spend less money on craft supplies and makes things like homemade wreaths that will mean so much more to recipients than generic pricey presents. Like I said, a wreath, something to go on the tree, even a drawing or a painting if you are talented in that field ... all these homemade gifts always carry more meaning than store bought.

3 Customise

Why not make something personalised for your special recipient? If you don’t have the crafting bug, you could always do something like put together a photo album of your friendship, or make a personalised calendar for the year ahead. Something that that will continued to remind the recipient of you all year round!

4 Personal Vouchers

If you can’t afford a commercial gift certificate, then put your own fun spin on the idea by creating a booklet of vouchers that your loved one can cash in on all year long. It could be sexual favours for a partner, or friendship favours for a BFF. Things like “handcuffs in the bedroom tonight” or “cocktail evening at my house”. Fun little things that people can cash in when they want them!

5 Beautiful Wrapping

Don’t underestimate the festive enjoyment that the actual wrapping of the gift can bring. You could be giving a really simple gift, but if it is wrapped in an amazing way that looks glorious under the tree, it really adds to the overall feel and meaning of the present. The person will see that you have taken great care to make it look great for them, and that will mean something to them, no matter what they find inside.

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