7 Amazing DIY Birthday Gifts ...


7 Amazing DIY Birthday Gifts ...
7 Amazing DIY Birthday Gifts ...

I don’t know about you, but I love DIY birthday gifts. It shows me my friends really care. If someone makes you a DIY birthday gift they had to put much more time and effort into your present than the co-worker who got you a gift card. Check out some of my most favorite DIY birthday gifts.

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Remember getting friendship bracelets when you were a kid? Crafty bracelets are very trendy right now, making them a great gift to make someone. You can go for a beaded charm bracelet or the classic knots and braids.



Reading is one of my top hobbies. I love getting bookmarks from people. It’s even better when they are a homemade birthday present. It’s an easy craft for grown-ups or kids. Paint chip cards from your hardware store make excellent book marks. Jazz it up with some ribbon and a few stickers.


Body Scrub

If you are looking for the perfect homemade gift for a girl that loves to pamper herself, why not try a make your own body scrub? A simple body scrub mix includes one cup of course sugar or salt, one cup olive oil, and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix it all together and store in an air tight container.



I got homemade coaster for my last birthday. They have been one of my favorite things ever since. I guess my friend used Mod-Podge to adhere some scrapbook paper onto tiles, added felt to the back, and finished with a water-resistant spray. I love the set she made for me because the colors fit me and my style perfectly. You can’t find anything like this in the store.


T-Shirt Quilt

Can you say sentimental? For my 18th birthday, right before I finished high school and moved away for college, my mom made me the best DIY birthday gift ever. I had no idea, but she had been saving my old shirts and baby blankets my entire life. She used those old shirts and blankets to cut out squares and make a quilt.

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Candles are great too. Your local craft store will have all the things you need to make your very own candles. You can even add and mix essential oils to create a unique scent.


Freezer Meal

A frozen casserole may not seem like an amazing gift, but if your friend is a busy mom or any busy woman for that matter, she will love it. Knowing you have a nice home cooked meal waiting in the freezer that requires little to no preparation can be absolutely wonderful, any woman would appreciate it. Just be sure to ask about food allergies.

I have given you some great ideas for DIY birthday presents. I hope the come in handy the next time you need a birthday present idea. What are some amazing homemade presents you have received?

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I love the coaster ideas But I don't have the time

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