10 Darling DIY Doormats ...


10 Darling DIY Doormats ...
10 Darling DIY Doormats ...

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your doorway, we give you here fun and creative DIY Doormats. Most of these DIY doormats will require stencils and painting. Some are simple cut and display methods. Let's check out these DIY doormats and find a style that will fit your home, shall we?

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Bordered Initial

Bordered Initial How about you let your DIY doormat represent your family by letting it display your family name's initial proudly? One way that you can do that is by stenciling said initial to the doormat. I think the borders of this doormat also look darling.




Dotty How cute! To make this DIY doormat, you will need a store-bought plain doormat, black enamel spray paint, and paper for making the dots and numbers. These dots look cute but you can use any shape or design that you like. How about hearts? Or little clouds?



Won't You Stay Awhile?

Won't You Stay Awhile? If you like having people over and playing host, this is most definitely the doormat style for you. This tutorial is brought to us by the crafty lady behind Sincerely, Kinsey. Check out the link to know how to make this lovely chevron doormat.



Wooden Colors

Wooden Colors Now THAT is one beautiful doormat. In fact, I would not want to step on this if this were to meet me on my way to a friend's house. For those who don't like the look of a colorful doorway, you can let the natural look of the wood shine instead. Make sure that you protect the mat with two coats of clear outdoor finish, though.



Straw Trivets

Straw Trivets Isn't this pretty? The great thing about this** DIY doormat** is the fact that the individual circles were originally trivets. Clever, right? What Ana did was tie them together using raffia. Easy and fun and all sorts of creative.




Continuity The only thing that you will do to make this DIY doormat to cut semi-circles. I had to include this 1-step tutorial here because I think the idea is fresh. Of course, if you're looking for something with a design, you can incorporate one of the stencil methods with this particular DIY.



Hi & Bye

Hi & Bye This one is all sorts of clever, too. Again, this is a simple stenciling project. Design variation: how about stenciling greetings in Klingon? Or in your own language? I think that would be fun.



Rockin' Mat

Rockin' Mat River rocks make for fun** DIY doormat** materials. You can buy them from garden centers or even craft stores. To make this doormat, you simply glue the rocks to the rubber base. And that's it!



Floor Art

Floor Art Instead of stenciling your house number or the initial of your family name, how about you make a beautiful artwork? With the help of acrylic paints and your imagination, you can turn your doorway into a mini-Louvre!




Cloudy This DIY doormat is easy to do as well. Draw a cloud on the back of a store-bought mat and then cut the pattern. Easy-peasy.

Tutorial (in Dutch)

Hope you like this list of DIY doormats. Hope you also find a good crafty project to tackle from these fun and creative doormat tutorials. Enjoy!

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thanks for sharing my doormat tutorial. i enjoyed looking through the other creative ideas too! ~ana

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