10 Gorgeous DIY Gilded Craft Projects ...


10 Gorgeous DIY Gilded Craft Projects ...
10 Gorgeous DIY Gilded Craft Projects ...

Gilded Craft Projects will give you items with beautiful golden details. The following list is comprised of DIY gilded projects for the home. Some are perfect for entertaining, others make great decor. We also have a couple of** DIY gilded** ideas that will give you pretty accessories. Let's check 'em out!

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Bottles I don't know if it's the general modern but vintage feel or the pink beverage that makes me love these DIY gilded bottles. I know for sure, though, that I will be doing this cheap project one of these days.




Jewelry Isn't this pretty? What you do to make this gold-detailed jewelry is to bake polymer clay sticks. Once they're cool, dip each stick into gold paint. Assemble according to any style you want. Use gold chain for that extra chic feel.




Plates Here is a DIY gilded idea that can add a touch of class to your next gathering. Buy disposable plastic plates. They need to be transparent. Spray gold Krylon Short Cuts to the underside, let dry, and use to serve your party pastries.





Using one of the simple notebook tutorials that I mentioned on previous posts and adding gold leaf details will give you these pretty things. I think the pink and gold together look fabulous. If you're not a big pink person, teal or any shade of bluish green will look great, too.



Champagne Glass

Champagne Glass Serving bubbly in your party? Here is a DIY gilded craft project that may match the painted plates. To make these golden lace glasses, though, you will not have to use paint. All you need are golden doilies and Mod Podge. Check out the link for the complete tutorial.



Votive Cups

Votive Cups And here we have another DIY gilded craft that will require the use of doilies. With this particular DIY, though, you will not need golden doilies. Any color will do. Use them as stencils to draw (using gold Sharpie) pretty patterns on plain votive cups.



Confetti Dish

Confetti Dish How gorgeous! Just like most of the craft projects here, you will need a Gold Leaf kit to make these cute dishes. Take note, though, that these bowls should not be used for eating after you add the golden dot details. Use them as catch-alls or for organizing your jewelry. They'll make for pretty coffee table decor, too.




Flatware Plates and champagne glasses aren't the only tableware that look beautiful with gilded details. Flatware do, too! Using painter's tape, gold spray paint, and clear spray paint, you can easily transform a set of spoons, forks, and knives into lovely dinner companions.




Map I bet this DIY gilded map looks absolutely stunning in person. To make your own, you will need gold leaf foil, a large piece of canvas, and a printed map. Check out the tutorial after the link for steps and tips on making this gorgeous golden wall art.



Lace Crowns

Lace Crowns Plain lace crowns are pretty just as they are. But if you want to add a royal touch to your lace crowns, you will want to turn them into gilded lovelies.


Let your inner Midas out and give these DIY gilded craft projects a go. I think I will be looking into the DIY gilded tutorials here that will require only gold paint; we don't have Gold Leaf kits where I live.

Happy crafting!

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Wow omygosh! The silverware is just lovely with the doilies!! But also the platess!<3

wow is right ! Every idea is a winner !

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