10 Beautiful Birdcage Craft Projects ...


10 Beautiful Birdcage Craft Projects ...
10 Beautiful Birdcage Craft Projects ...

Birdcage Craft Projects are wonderfully whimsical DIYs. We have here a list of birdcage crafts for the home. Some of these are for making decor that will be more than perfect for a birthday party or a wedding. They are fun to make and will surely delight you with their adorable glory. Enjoy!

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Printed Pillow

Printed Pillow This pillow is inspired by a set of birdcage pillows from Pottery Barn. Knowing how easy it is to print on fabric these days, there is no reason why you should buy a birdcage pillow from the store. You simply download a birdcage print you like, add details, and print on a plain fabric of your choice.



Floral Wire

Floral Wire These are DIY birdcage ornaments made of floral wire, glue, a paper bird, and embroidery floss. These would make for great Christmas tree decor but I think they'd also be great for making a mobile or as table centerpieces.




Chandelier How amazing is this? This is a birdcage craft project that will call for an actual cage. You can get them from a pet store or from a thrift store. Make sure that you find a cage that will fit a chandelier, too. For tips on how to hang a birdcage chandelier, check out All Things Thrifty.




Art From Michael's or any craft store, you can get a wooden birdcage decor for less than $5. Paint it in any color you like, glue pretty paper that will peek through the "wires" of the cage, and display.



Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Wire Making this DIY birdcage ornament may be a tad more complicated compared to the 2nd project I featured here. To make this pretty birdcage, you will need galvanized wire, a soldering tool, ribbon, and pretty paper. For the complete step-by-step guide, head on over to How Joyful.



Quilted Pillow

Quilted Pillow This is another birdcage craft project that will help you make a pretty pillow. Instead of printing, though, this particular tutorial calls for quilting. If you are a quilter and you want to create something whimsical and gorgeous, this is the project for you.



Miniature Antique

Miniature Antique Doesn't this birdcage look beautiful? This looks like an antique piece but really, it's a miniature birdcage made of a dishwasher rinsing basket. It is all sorts of clever. Check out how Daphne made this beauty after the link. I cannot wait to make this for my miniature haunted room.



Felt Ornament

Felt Ornament Here is another birdcage ornament that you can make for your Christmas tree or for a party. This particular tutorial will call for hand stitching so you might want to look into this if you happen to like embroidery.



Vintage Cardboard

Vintage Cardboard Isn't this cute? This is a miniature birdcage craft project that you can make to decorate a handmade card or a beautiful jewelry box. I love this idea because you can give it your personal creative touch in so many ways.



Paper Mobile

Paper Mobile This is the most adorable mobile. Using paper in different colors or prints, you can make a good number of these birdcages in one afternoon.


Aren't these birdcage craft projects fun? Hope these birdcage DIYs inspire you to get crafting today. Enjoy!

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