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Continuing with our DIY bird series, we give you here a list of beautiful DIY Birdhouses. These DIY birdhouse**s are not only super cute, they are also great recycling projects. In fact, most of these **DIY birdhouses will require that you upcycle some materials in your house that may already be on their way to the trash. Hope you like these!

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Coffee Can

Coffee Can Coffee can into a DIY birdhouse? Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. I think I will try this tutorial one of these days. My cats will definitely enjoy watching birds dart in and out of this birdhouse right in our yard.



Flower Pot

Flower Pot The** DIY birdhouse** that you make doesn't have to be hanging or perched on top of a post. This flower pot idea, for example, will give you a birdhouse resting right in your porch. Not only does this look beautiful, it doubles as a stand for a planter, too. Great, right?



Carton Collage

Carton Collage This tutorial is a colorful take on the milk carton birdhouse idea. After cleaning and making openings on a milk carton, you paint it white and then add colored tissue paper squares. The collage tile-like look is cute, right?



Cinder Block

Cinder Block There is something about this cinder block birdhouse that looks Zen and modern at the same time. Take note, though, that a cinder block is incredibly heavy. You will want to hang this DIY birdhouse from a sturdy tree. Of course, you can also opt to fasten it to a post or simply prop it somewhere stable if you don't like the thought of a cinder block falling from a tree.




Stone From a cinder block idea, we go to a birdhouse that looks like it has stone bricks. Aren't they lovely? They look like miniature medieval stone houses. To make this birdhouse, you will need to buy a ready-made birdhouse made of wood. You then adhere the stones using sealant. Add roof, weather-proof, and display in your yard.



Picket Fence

Picket Fence This DIY birdhouse is made of old fence pickets, a fruit can, and a tree branch clipping. How awesome is that? You will use the fence for the walls and base and the fruit can for making the roof. The tree branch is for the cute birds' perch.



Wood Scraps

Wood Scraps Here is a birdhouse that will make birds who are into modern aesthetics quite happy. The roof and walls of this birdhouse are made of wood scraps. The interior, however, is a PVC pipe. This pipe can easily be removed so that you can keep your feathered friends happy.



Modern Globe

Modern Globe How cool is this? This is probably my favorite from this list of DIY birdhouses. To make this, you will need a glass light fixture cover, epoxy, an eyehook, and a furniture knob. Check out the link to see how creative Katie assembled this pretty birdhouse.




Mailbox I'm sure you've seen old mailboxes in yard sales or thrift stores. You can rescue one and turn it into an adorable birdhouse. You simply do a bit of re-assembling, drilling, and painting, and you'll have a pretty and nifty birdhouse in no time.


So there you have fun DIY birdhouses that you can make. Which of these birdhouse crafts caught your fancy? If you end up making something from this list, don't hesitate to share photos with us!

Top Photo Credit: weheartit

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