8 Easy Dressmaking Projects for Your Little Girl ...


8 Easy Dressmaking Projects for Your Little Girl ...
8 Easy Dressmaking Projects for Your Little Girl ...

Making children´s clothes is a lot of fun, and can save quite a bit of money as well. If you thought that making children´s clothes was difficult, there are some really simple patterns for the novice dressmaker. You can even use your old clothes and cut them down to make great children´s clothing. So if you fancy picking up needle and thread, here are some easy dressmaking projects for your little girl to wear …

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Twirly Whirly Dress

Twirly Whirly Dress karatootie.blogspot.com.es

If you´re new to making children´s clothes, then start with this simple dress. You can use clothes that your little girl has grown out of, and turn them into something brand new. Kids grow so quickly, so it´s great for your pocket if you can get a new life out of their clothes!


From Shirt to Skirt

From Shirt to Skirt threadingmyway.blogspot.com.es

Here´s another repurposed garment (I love the idea of clothes being turned into something completely different!).This time it´s a man´s shirt being changed into a girl´s skirt. The most complicated step is the buttonholes; if you don´t want to try these on a machine, it´s not too difficult to sew them by hand.


Dress from T-Shirt

Dress from T-Shirt bloomsnbugs.blogspot.com.es

The good thing about repurposing clothes if you´re a novice sewer is that it doesn´t matter if you get it wrong – you can just try again with something else! But you should be fine with easy dressmaking projects like this – there´s only a little more to it than sewing seams and making casing for the elastic.


Shirt to Pants

Shirt to Pants makeit-loveit.com

This is a great way of using a shirt that you no longer want or that doesn´t fit. It can be turned into a pair of cute pants for your little girl. The tutorial suggests using an existing pair of pants to make a pattern (which isn´t as difficult as you might think) – if you find the letter embellishment too complicated, simply appliqué a letter on or omit it altogether.


Knit Tunic Top

Knit Tunic Top scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

Once you´ve practiced on some repurposing projects, and you´re feeling more confident about your sewing skills, it´s time to start sewing from scratch. Here´s an adorable top (you could make it a bit longer if you want a dress for your daughter).


Fat Quarters Skirt

Fat Quarters Skirt stacysewsandschools.wordpress.com

Are you into quilting? Then you probably have a stash of pretty fat quarters. Now they can be used to make this skirt! Skirts and waistbands might not seem like easy dressmaking projects, but each step is carefully explained – just take your time to read carefully.


Nautical Dress

Nautical Dress bloomsnbugs.blogspot.com.es

This is another project that looks much more complicated than it actually is. It´s basically a tube embellished with various ribbons. You can use an existing top as in the tutorial, or buy some fabric to make the dress. Either way, it´ll look super cute!




Most little girls go through a phase of wanting to be a ballerina or a princess, and with this tutu your daughter can dress up to play the part! It´s actually pretty easy to make, so don´t be daunted – after all, you´re making something for your daughter, not New York Fashion Week!

Have a go at some of these garments, and you will see that making children´s clothes is a lot easier than you thought! Start with easy dressmaking projects like this, and as you gain experience and confidence you can move on to more complicated patterns. What do you think of using adult clothes to make new ones for your little girl – is it a great way of saving money, or do you prefer the recycling aspect?

Top Image Source: lisacarpenter.typepad.com

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