12 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders ...


12 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders ...
12 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders ...

If you're looking for a fun project to do this week, we give you DIY Bird Feeders. We have here fun and easy-to-make DIY bird feeders that are sure to make your adorable feathered friends very happy. Some of these DIY bird feeders can even be created by your kids. Which is a fantastic idea altogether since your little ones can also become aware of the environment.

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Spiral To make this bird feeder, you will need wire, a rolling pin or a can, pliers, and wire clipper. You simply loop the wire around the rolling pin or can, make a tightly wounded spiral by the bottom, and then make a hanger or hook so that you can hang your bird feeder. Insert fruit or seed-covered pinecone before hanging.




Acorn-Shaped How cute is this** DIY bird feeder**? To make this acorn-shaped bird feeder, you will mold the bird seed mix using a soda bottle. The top portion is a wooden bowl with a hole in the middle.



Birdie Tea Party

Birdie Tea Party Don't you just love the thought of birds having a tea party? Well now you can help make that happen by making these DIY bird feeders! By the way, there are bird feeders like these sold in stores but they're pricey. Make yours for only about a dollar each.



Porcelain Parasol

Porcelain Parasol How adorable! I love that Erin made this bird feeder using a pretty bowl and plate. If you can make yours with fun patterns, too, that would be fantastic. Aside from the plate and bowl, you will also need washers, nuts, glue, and an eye bolt.



A Bed of Popsicle Sticks

A Bed of Popsicle Sticks Here is a DIY bird feeder that you can make with your kids. I bet they'd love this because it would be like building a castle or a mini fort. Design variation: paint your popsicle stick bird feeder!



Milk Carton

Milk Carton This is clever. Instead of throwing away a milk carton, you can use it to make a bird feeder. You simply cut two holes near the bottom, paint the exterior, and then hang.



Orange Cup

Orange Cup It can't get any easier than this. You simply device a bowl with the use of an orange peel, poke four holes for hanging, and then fill said orange bowl with seeds. A quick feast for the birds!



Modern Look

Modern Look Feel like constructing a bird feeder that's beautiful enough to be displayed inside your home? Then we give you here a tutorial for a Mid-Century modern bird feeder. It is all sorts of awesome.



Crocheted Basket

Crocheted Basket Take a clear bowl and fill it with seeds. Hang it using crocheted jute twine. Check out the link for the pattern.



Frappuccino Feeder

Frappuccino Feeder Using a glass bottle, a tuna can, pieces of wood, screws, and wire, you can make one nifty DIY bird feeder. A great way to recycle, right?



Ikea Plates

Ikea Plates The construction of this particular** DIY bird feeder** is similar to the 4th tutorial we linked to here. But instead of using breakable plates and bowls, you will be making the bird feeder using wooden plates. The ones used here are from Ikea.



Framed Fresh Fruits

Framed Fresh Fruits Instead of letting fruits rot in your kitchen, make this easy-peasy bird feeder to help our feathered friends.


Got more DIY bird feeder ideas for us? Tell us about them! We'd love to hear more creative DIY bird feeder projects from our crafty readers.

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