10 Fun DIY Desk Organizers ...


10 Fun DIY Desk Organizers ...
10 Fun DIY Desk Organizers ...

Having a desk conducive for studying is essential once school is back so we give you here DIY Desk Organizers. Most of these DIY desk organizers are great recycling projects or will require very cheap materials. You probably know by now that I favor those kinds of craft projects. Hope you enjoy this list of DIY desk organizers and that one or two of these help keep your kids' desks easy on the eyes.

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Wood Corbel

Wood Corbel Corbels are architectural details that you can find at any hardware store. They come in several sizes and have wonderful designs. Apart from the corbels, you will also need a wooden base. You stick the corbels upright on the base, paint, and you're done!



Clear Glass

Clear Glass This DIY desk organizer is not only perfect for a student, it's also quite lovely enough for your home office. Making this is VERY easy, too. You simply wrap the glasses with pretty fabric, add bows, and arrange on top of a redesigned frame.



Framed Fabric

Framed Fabric Using a frame (thrifted or brand new) and fabric sewn into pockets, you can make a small desk organizer that is pretty to look at. Plain fabric or burlap will work for this craft project. However, if you're making this for a kid's room, using printed fabric is a must.



To create your own framed fabric desk organizer, start by selecting a colorful or patterned fabric to add a cheerful pop to your space. Measure and cut the fabric to fit your chosen frame, allowing extra material to form pockets. These pockets are perfect for stashing away desk essentials such as notepads, pens, and scissors, keeping your workspace both tidy and stylish. Use a combination of sewing or fabric glue to secure the pockets in place. Hang or place the frame on your desk for an instant and adorable organization upgrade!


Layered Cardboard

Layered Cardboard This is probably my favorite from this list of DIY desk organizers. In fact, if my cats weren't so obsessed with chewing on anything cardboard, I'd have already made one for me.



Tin Can

Tin Can The sight of pens, pencils, brushes, and other art materials crowding on top of a table drives me nuts. If you feel the same, you may want to look into this fun DIY desk organizer. The lazy susan detail is inspired, I tell you.



Chip Canisters

Chip Canisters Those long containers of chips can also be quite useful for organizing a study area. Making this type of organizer is very easy, too. You simply clean them, cover them (with fabric or contact paper), and then layer and glue.



Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes Got random cardboard boxes that you have no idea what to do with? You can make them pretty using paper and then glue them together. I love this idea because you get to use the base AND the lids of the boxes.



Cereal Box

Cereal Box Here is a variation of the cardboard box idea but for this particular craft project, you will be using cereal boxes. This is a fun way to recycle and make something cute using pretty paper.



Magazine Holders

Magazine Holders Magazine holders can easily be re-used as a desk organizer by transforming them into low-hanging shelves. Hang them from a piece of wood and install in front of a desk for a more organized study space.



Layered Cork Trivets

Layered Cork Trivets This particular DIY desk organizer is for keeping your pens or pencils wonderfully organized. To make this, you layer and glue cork trivets and drill holes. Easy!


These DIY desk organizers show us that recycling and organizing can go hand in hand. Hope you enjoyed this new DIY list! If you haveo other desk organizing craft ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us.

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The framed fabric idea is genius because they can be hung on walls to save desk space!

these are so interesting! Thanks!

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