15 Simple but Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas ...


15 Simple but Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas ...
15 Simple but Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas ...

Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas are my current obsession. There is a blank wall in my office/craft room and I think a display shelf is just what I need to complete my little space. The DIY shelf ideas I have gathered here look fairly simple to do. Sure there are some that will require a handyman's help but you will find these DIY shelves quite clever, easy to recreate and even put your own spin on. Let's get started!

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Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf This corner shelf is so clever! There are many things to love about this DIY shelf idea. It's a great way to repurpose a magazine holder that you may no longer be using. You can also use this corner shelf as a catch-all; install near the entry way and stay organized!



Door Shelf

Door Shelf I have already produced an article on ways to repurpose an old door but I simply have to include this one in our DIY shelf project list. I love this because it will fit perfectly in a corner in your home. It's perfect for a cozy reading nook, methinks.



Ribbon Bracket Shelves

Ribbon Bracket Shelves If you're a renter and you can't possibly install shelves or bookcases, you will love this awesome shelving project. This looks very easy to do, too. Design variation: use a yardstick instead of a plywood for displaying smaller items.



Book Shelves

Book Shelves Literally, shelves made of books. Aren't these pretty? Look for books with interesting covers so that the shelves themselves add to the overall look of your wall.



Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves You've probably seen those shelves that look a lot like ladders. If you buy from a furniture store be ready to spend a lot. But really, why buy when these shelves are easy to DIY? Check out the tutorial to make your own version.



Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf This looks a bit like the ribbon bracket shelf above. This is a wonderful DIY shelving idea because it's not just for displaying your knickknacks. You can also use this type of shelf to display pots or flower vases.



Ledge Shelf

Ledge Shelf Cheap and easy to install, these ledge shelves may just be what you need for your home design update. I am leaning towards making something similar for my office, as a matter of fact. I like these because they're perfect for displaying both photos and little thingamabobs.



Skateboard Shelves

Skateboard Shelves Ahh, the perfect shelves for your little boy's room. On top of functionality, these are great because they also serve as interesting design elements.



Log Shelves

Log Shelves Aiming for a rustic look? Then these DIY shelf ideas may just be what you're looking for. These are hanging shelves but you can also make a version with branches as brackets or sides.




Pipes This is a clever DIY shelf idea for those who have that industrial or urban chic style. You can utilize functional pipes in your apartment or install some to use as shelves.


To create this edgy look, gather metal piping from a hardware store and some sturdy wooden planks for the shelves. You can either choose to expose the piping for that raw, unfinished vibe or spray paint them to match your room's color scheme. Assemble the pipes into a frame and secure the wood planks as the shelving units. This type of shelf isn’t just trendy; it’s also incredibly sturdy and functional, ideal for books, plants, or even kitchenware. Plus, it’s easy to customize the size and shape to fit any niche or corner in your home.



Drawers If you're getting rid of an old dresser, why not do something creative with it? The drawers can be removed and re-purposed as shelves hanging on your wall. They still serve their purpose of course, which is to hold things, they're just going to be facing a different way.



Crutches If you take the crutches, attach them at the top, and then place wood or something to them, you can create shelves. I've seen them and I personally think they look awesome! What's best is that a lot of people probably haven't thought of them, so why not be unique?



Crates It's not often that people have empty crates laying around, but they're not hard to find and if you eat tangerines they're even easier. Paint the crates any color you want and then just hang them up. Once finished, they definitely add a homey feel to any space.



Clothespins This one takes a little more crafting than some of the others, but it's worth it! For this you'll have to put together a wooden plank with some molding before you can attach the clothespins. When it comes together it's great for holding light things like aprons, jackets, or anything like that.



Shutters I think that this is my favorite of all the shelves on this list. Take some shutters, paint them a cute color, and use over sized tubes as the actual storage part and there you have really adorable shelves. They don't even have to be hung on a wall, they can just be self standing!


I don't know about you but I have found inspiration from these brilliant DIY shelf projects. Within this week, I will be able to install mine and make my "cave" look more organized.

Got more clever DIY shelf ideas to add? Don't be shy; post a comment below.

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