13 Stunning DIY Room Dividers ...


13 Stunning DIY Room Dividers ...
13 Stunning DIY Room Dividers ...

DIY Room Dividers are huge projects that create fantastic impact in any living space. The DIY room dividers we have gathered here range from easy to somewhat complicated. Some of these room divider DIY ideas will require the help of skilled carpenters. There are a few, however, that you can do on your own. Let's check them out and find the best option for your home.

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Covered Vinyl

Covered Vinyl Using vinyl to make a DIY room divider is not a novel idea. However, using the "naked" LPs may look somewhat juvenile for some. What you do to remedy this is cover the records. Contact paper was used here. Brilliant, right? The result is incredibly chic and retro at the same time.



Coat Rack Re-do

Coat Rack Re-do If you want to DIY a room divider that does not hang from the ceiling, this coat rack re-do is a great idea. Isn't the fabric fab? You can use fabric with an overall pattern but something similar to this will truly be spectacular.



Tree in the Living Room

Tree in the Living Room This one is simple to do. Aside from branches, you can even use slimmer twigs. I bet that home decor store near you has ornamental twigs for sale. You can paint them or leave them in their natural color, plant them to a simple wooden base, and you're done!



Funky Boards

Funky Boards This will need the help of power tools and perhaps your boyfriend or husband. If no one is willing to help, promise them a room divider that not only looks fun, but also does its job well.



The Window Room

The Window Room This is a fantastic way to upcycle discarded windows. There are no instructions on how to construct this but I bet you know a handyman who can give you some tips.



Pallet Places

Pallet Places Here is another idea to upcyle pallets. The unpainted look is wonderful but I bet your DIY room divider will be 10x better with paint. How about in a color that beautifully complements the rest of your house?



Crochet and Divide

Crochet and Divide This one hangs like a typical curtain but has more personality. If you're aiming for that Boho look, this is a wonderful DIY room divider to consider.



Divide with the Ropes

Divide with the Ropes This one is simple and easy. And you know what they say, sometimes, simple ideas make the biggest impact. Check out more photos after the link to know how to tie the ropes to your room divider rod.



Plastic Blossoms

Plastic Blossoms Would you believe that these are bottoms of plastic soda bottles? Utterly spectacular, I say. With these "blossoms" all connected, you can make a nifty DIY room divider, a lampshade, a curtain, and so many more.




S-Hooked I love this! It has that modern retro feel. The best part is that this looks easy to do. I might just make my own version in muted mint and white. Of course, I will need to justify having a divider to my boyfriend first ...



The S-Hooked room divider is a great way to add a modern and retro feel to any room. It is easy to make and can be customized with colors of your choice. The tutorial for this project can be found on the Making It Lovely blog. The project requires minimal supplies and can be completed in a few hours. This DIY room divider is perfect for those who want to add a unique and stylish touch to any room without breaking the bank. It can be used to separate spaces, create privacy, or simply add a bit of decoration to any room.


Frame the Pipes

Frame the Pipes This beautiful divider is made of PVC pipes. Awesome, yes? Other materials you need are wood for frame, glue, screws, and legs. You can forget the legs if you end up making a sturdy base for your divider.



Fine Art Potential

Fine Art Potential I think this is a clever DIY room divider idea. This is made of artists' canvass covered with fabric. If you love showing off beautiful fabric, this will be a great project to try.



Hanging or Standing Door

Hanging or Standing Door Whether it's a rustic barn door, or a vintage front door, a hanging or standing door room divider just makes sense, right? Put a few of them together to stand alone for a big space, get two really large rustic barn doors to hang on a glider, or make your own using a few pallets like this one here!

Tutorial: housetweaking.com

Did you find inspiration from these DIY room dividers? If you end up copying some of these ideas, please let us know. We'd love to admire your DIY room divider, too!

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