7 DIY Centerpieces for Your Home ...

DIY centerpieces are easy to make and they look even more amazing than any store bought numbers. Needless to say, a lovely DIY centerpiece also costs much less than anything you could buy, plus you have the accomplishment of making something beautiful yourself. Because I love setting a pretty table when I have dinner with guests or just with the Better Half – my favorite dinner date! – I've gone on a search for some of the most gorgeous DIY centerpieces I can find. Most of them don't include flowers simply because I don't like to be presumptuous about what kinds of flowers people like, but keep in mind, you can add your own with most or all of these!

1. Light in a Bottle

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Lots of DIY centerpieces make use of old wine bottles. This one's one of my favorites, simply because of the lights in the bottles themselves. All you need are battery or solar powered fairly lights. I'm pretty sure there are also high tech LED options that would work wonderfully. And, of course, it's up to you to pick the colors of the lights and the bottles.

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