10 Beautiful Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps ...


10 Beautiful Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps ...
10 Beautiful Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps ...

Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps are some of the eco-friendly projects that are available here on All Women Stalk. The methods of** upcycling bottle caps** that we will feature here cover home decor and accessories. Some of these may require a gazillion bottle caps but I'm sure you can find someone willing to let bags and bags of them go for free or for a minimal price. Take note that these bottle caps DIY projects will require either the plastic caps or the ones similar to beer lids.

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Retro Wall Clock

Retro Wall Clock Isn't this fab? I will make a separate list of creative wall clocks but I had to include this here. This projects shows that if you don't want your bottle cap DIY projects to look too DIY, spray painting them is a top option.



Fly Curtain

Fly Curtain I find these incredibly pretty. This particular way to upcycle bottle caps will require a good number of plastic caps and a huge chunk of your time. Head on over to the tutorial for the steps and complete list of materials.



Bottle Cap Tray

Bottle Cap Tray Here is another proof that spray painting bottle caps is always a classy idea. I love the colors that Michelle used here; aren't they summer lovely?




Backsplash Now THIS is the perfect backsplash for a household that loves beer. Doing this is pretty easy, too. "Just adhere the caps like you would tiles and then grout and seal." Fantastic!



Bottle Cap Candles

Bottle Cap Candles I die from the cuteness! These are great for displays but you can burn them, too, of course. If you add scents, you'd be upcycling bottle caps in a pretty cool way.



Pin Cushion Ring

Pin Cushion Ring I sew so I will most likely tackle this** bottle cap upcycling project** soon. I know I have ring bases somewhere in my bead boxes. If you want to make your own, check out the link below.




Lampshade This white lampshade is made of mineral water caps. It looks pretty and ethereal, doesn't it? If you want something more funky, choosing colored bottle caps is great, too.




Pins There are many tutorials out there on how to make bottle cap pins but I had to feature this because look, The Hunger Games! Design variation: use diamond glaze instead of resin.




I love the designs of these magnets but I'm pretty sure you have wonderful ideas up your sleeve as well. Like I mentioned above, spray painting is an essential step to most bottle cap upcyling projects. That is also true here.



Mini Pies

Mini Pies So these are making me drool. Oh what I would give to have a slice of apple pie right now! Anyway, back to this bottle cap DIY idea... you can check out a tutorial on how to make polymer clay pies HERE.


Other ways to upcycle bottle caps include making wind chimes, table tops, and even floor tiles. With a just a touch of imagination, I bet you can find even more creative ways to upcyle bottle caps. Care to share your ideas?

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Useful little gift for sewers & seamstresses: pincushion ring made from an old bottle top & ring finding (via Twitter)

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