9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Clothespins ...


9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Clothespins ...
9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Clothespins ...

Ways to Repurpose Clothespins range from fabulous home decor to adorable toys. I love, LOVE these clothespin crafts. They are clever, creative, and all sorts of fun. I tell you, the people who came up with these** ways to repurpose clothespins** are amazing. Let's check out their ideas, shall we?

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Wreath Yep, you can repurpose clothespins to make a lovely wreath. They're great materials because of their elongated nature. They're easy to assemble, too, because they have got that whole "easy to pin" thing going on.




Bunny How cute! This tutorial is for a bunny that you can place inside your pocket or carry around like a teeny creature in your hands. I so want to make this for one of my dollhouses. I will need to find a clothespin shaped like this cutie, first.



Starburst Mirror

Starburst Mirror One of the** chic ways to repurpose clothespins** is to use them for the rays of a starburst mirror. I think the natural wooden color of the clothespins will look nice for a starburst mirror. Of course, you can paint yours or use clothespins with fun prints.




Dolls This is another clothespin doll idea that I think will be perfect for my dollhouses. If I make one similar to this cute clothespin lady, she can be the resident of my miniature sewing room. Check out the link to see the tutorial; it looks so easy and fun to make.




Bowl Armed with clothespins and wire, you can make a bowl. Not just a standard bowl, though, but a bowl that changes shape. You can also use the same materials to make a freestyle sculpture of some sort.



Button Racer

Button Racer Yours boys tired of their computer games? After you thank the heavens, you can make these fun and cute clothespin racers. This is a** way to repurpose clothespins** that will be a hit in your family. Trust me, even your cats will think that these are the best things since tuna-flavored treats.




Chandelier If you think that using clothespins to make home decor is a bit tacky, think again. This pretty chandelier shows you that it can be very chic, too. Does it not look fabulous? The best part about this project is that it cost only $34. Awesome.




Clock Basically, the purpose of the clothespins in this project is similar to that of the starburst mirror above: they will comprise the pretty frame. I love this particular clothespin repurpose project because it's amazingly creative. Guess what the base of this clock is. Can't tell? Paper plates!



Planter / Candle Holder

Planter / Candle Holder This way to repurpose clothespins is quite clever, too. Basically, you clip the clothespins all around the rim of a clean tuna can. No further steps needed. What you end up making is a fun container for small plants and tealight candles.


I hope you love these** ways to repurpose clothespins** as much as I do. If you have other amazing** ideas for repurposing clothespins**, we're all ears. We're always on the lookout for alternative and crafty uses of everyday things.

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