10 Amazing DIY Pallet Projects ...


10 Amazing DIY Pallet Projects ...
10 Amazing DIY Pallet Projects ...

DIY Pallet Projects are quite popular. There are many posted online; we have gathered here some of the basic** DIY pallet projects**. From these pallet crafts, you will be able to create things that are cheap, green, and unique. You can modify these to make things that will fit your designing needs and budget. For those concerned about safety, kindly read THIS POST first.

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Outdoor Table

Outdoor Table Using pallets to make a table is a great idea. The steps involved look quite simple, too. The great thing about this is that you can easily modify it to fit your needs. You can make a coffee table or a much taller one as console. I like the look of painted pallet tables but you can leave them in their natural state for a more rustic look.



Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair To match your outdoor table, you can tackle this particular DIY pallet project next. Once your lounger is constructed, we suggest that you add cushions.



Pot Rack

Pot Rack Isn't this clever? Basically, you add chicken wire to the "interior" of the pallet and then hang it in your kitchen. Again, if you want something more chic, you can paint your rack.



Potting Bench

Potting Bench Now THIS is a pretty potting bench. If you want a good space in your yard for preparing your new plants, making this DIY pallet project is a great idea. Head on over to Better Homes & Gardens now for the tutorial. From this idea, you can make a cabinet or a work desk made of pallets.




Bed In essence, you will be making something similar to the table mentioned above. This pallet bed, however, should be much longer and lower. The tutorial is for a kid's bed but you can easily modify the tutorial to make an adult-sized version. Again, painting the finished item is highly-recommended if you don't want the weathered look of pallets.



Shelves / Racks

Shelves / Racks This is proof that DIY pallet projects have a place in a non-rustic house. There is no official tutorial but I suggest that you check out the link below for an explanation from the talented man who made these shelves.



Picnic Table

Picnic Table Call me crazy but I find red picnic tables magical. I was already sold on the color of this table but when I learned they're made of pallets, I fell in love. Unfortunately, I don't have the right set of skills (and tools) to make my own. If you don't share my predicament and you want to make affordable furniture, give this pallet tutorial a go.




Wall This will definitely give your home a cottage and cozy feel. These pallets were painted before they were nailed. Another way to go about it is to use wood stain. Doing so would make your pallet wall look more old world and masculine.



TV Rack

TV Rack This** pallet DIY** will require nothing more than simple wood reinforcement. After you've made the shipping pallet much stronger, you can paint (or not) and then hang it on your wall. Easy! Take note of the pallet day bed featured on the same link.




Bench Unlike the lounger featured above, this pallet tutorial is for making boxy type benches. These are great for entry ways or that corner of your home that could use a bit of a rustic and cozy touch.


Hope you liked this list of amazing DIY pallet projects. We also hope that you get to do some of these** pallet DIY crafts**. I have no idea where to get these materials in my city, sadly. For those who live in areas with pallets in abundance, it would be a sin not to try some of these **pallet projects. **

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