13 Terrific DIY Trivets to Make ...

By Meream

13 Terrific DIY Trivets to Make ...

DIY Trivets are great projects for the kitchen. If you like having random handmade items in your home, these** terrific trivet tutorials** are for you. These** DIY trivets** are also perfect projects for those who have been planning to take better care of their counter tops and tables. Happy crafting!

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1 Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads Most of the DIY trivets we have here are easy to make. This wooden bead idea is perhaps one of the simplest.


2 Modular Felt


Love piecing things together? If you do, this is a great craft project for you. You can use felt of different colors for an extra fun effect on your kitchen counter tops.


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3 Leather + Wood

Leather + Wood The basic materials needed for these DIY trivets are wood dowels, drill, paint, and leather cord. To assemble your trivet, drill through the dowels, thread the leather cord through the holes, and make the handles. Done!


4 Crocheted

Crocheted The tutorial below will lead you to the pattern for the flower trivet. Isn't it pretty? I bet these will make wonderful housewarming gifts. They can be stocking fillers, too, during the holidays.


5 Knot

Knot I think this is my favorite among these** creative DIY trivets**. While I am not a fan of the white because it's dirt magnet, I think that this method is clever and fun.


6 Wood Plank

Wood Plank You can make a trivet using a piece of wood cut crosswise but this idea works, too. The great thing about this is that it can play host to several pots at the same time.


7 Popsicle Stick

Popsicle Stick Hmm... I might just give this DIY trivet tutorial a go. I happen to have a gazillion popsicle sticks from previous projects and this tutorial seems a lot of fun to follow.


8 Salvaged Stove Tops

Salvaged Stove Tops Stove tops can be fantastic trivets because they are of the right size. The next time you see discarded stove tops, don't hesitate to take them home to give them a new life.


9 Kid Art

Kid Art Got creative kids? On top of displaying their work at home, you can also use their masterpieces to make handmade trivets. The idea after the link will show you how to create some with the help of tiles and Mod Podge.


10 Covered Bottle Caps

Covered Bottle Caps Got some bottle caps from when you tried these bottle cap projects? Don't throw them away because you can still use them to make a** pretty DIY trivet**. The one shown above is covered with fabric but you can choose to cover yours with crocheted yo-yos.


11 Woven Selvage

Woven Selvage According to the author, this** DIY trivet** is "simple and lots of fun to do." I'm sold! I so love simple craft projects using scrap fabrics.


12 Rock

Rock There is a rock trivet photo floating around Pinterest; I'm sure you've seen it. The photo is from Martha Stewart but it doesn't lead to a tutorial. Thankfully, Leanne took a gander at the idea and showed us the steps.


13 Felt Tree Stump

Felt Tree Stump Instead of using an actual tree stump, why don't you make a trivet using felt strips? I think this is a cute idea. I bet it's fun to make, too.


Aren't these** DIY trivet ideas** brilliant? Because I used our one and only metal trivet as a base for a DIY chandelier (I kid you not), I will probably try a couple of these** DIY trivet projects**.

Again, happy crafting!

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