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13 Adorable DIY Aprons to Sew ...

By Meream

DIY Aprons are fun sewing projects. I have made only a few DIY aprons in all my crafting life but I think they are wonderful projects. Not only are they useful, they also make for great gifts. Tackling these** DIY aprons** is also fantastic if you want to get rid of some of your fabrics.

1 Clothespin

ClothespinLook at how summer-y yummy these fabrics are! With this DIY apron tutorial, you will learn to make this curvy beauty with large pockets. This is a also a great exercise for sewing bias tapes.


2 Anthro Knock-off

Anthro Knock-offDon't you just love sewing tutorials for copying Anthropologie products? This particular apron, for instance, is a knock-off of the store's Tea & Crumpets apron. It's a pretty design and it would be a sin now to give it a go with the help of your sewing machine.



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3 Dishtowel

DishtowelA DIY apron made of a dishtowel? Yes, please! This is a great tutorial for those who are beginner sewers.


4 Flirty

FlirtyHow cute are these ruffles and pocket? If you want to make an apron that is not lacking in the adorableness department, this is most definitely the sewing tutorial for you.


5 Ruffled

RuffledHere is another** apron tutorial** that will give you fun ruffly details to play with. This one is flat by the waistline as opposed to the previous tute.


6 Mix Print

Mix PrintLooking for a way to sew using your fabric stash? Then this is your lucky day! This** DIY apron** is exactly what you need to craft with those small to medium pieces of fabric in your studio.


7 Lady's

Lady'sIsn't this pretty? I love the gray dotted fabric and the fun ruffled details of the hem. These are not your average ruffles, though, as you can see; they're asymmetrical and very pretty.


8 Bandana

BandanaBandanas make for wonderful aprons because of their size. I suggest making the band of your apron (which will be made of ribbon) match the colors of your bandana, like what AshleyAnn did here. Among these DIY aprons, this one is probably the easiest to make.


9 Jeans Upcyle

Jeans UpcyleHow clever is this? What you do is use the butt part for the front section of your denim apron. The ruffles and sash will be made of the legs that you will cut off. Easy!


10 Box Pleated

Box PleatedDon't you just love full skirts? I know I do! If you feel the same about this retro-style pleats, you will absolutely enjoy this tutorial. In fact, you might just go ahead and sew a skirt with box pleats, too.


11 Cocktails at 8

Cocktails at 8Now THIS is the apron for the discerning hostess. Isn't it pretty? It reminds me of old movies, black and white TVs, and tea-length dresses.


12 Scalloped

ScallopedI love scalloped details on just about anything so of course, I had to include this in our list of DIY aprons. Oh yeah, this one is Anthro-inspired, too.


13 Layered Ruffles

Layered RufflesIf a ruffled hem is not ruffly enough for you, then this type of DIY apron is exactly what you need. Bonus: it's a fantastic project for using fabric scraps, too.


Hope you loved this list of DIY aprons! I will probably be making a second list of DIY aprons since there are just too many fun tutorials out there. I might also make a sewing list of DIY kiddie aprons one of these days.

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