10 Marvelous DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects ...


10 Marvelous DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects ...
10 Marvelous DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects ...

DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects are ways for you to enjoy this design era without spending tons of money. Because trust us, the genuine MCM pieces that you can find out there will cost you an arm, a leg, and other body parts you might not want to part with. So what do we do? We go the always-fun DIY route. The following DIY mid-century modern projects range from simple to complicated. Some of these are for making furniture. There are some, however, that will take only a few steps. Let's check them out!

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George Nelson Case Study Bed

George Nelson Case Study Bed This particular project shows you how you can construct your own platform bed with hairpin legs. If there is one design element that you can find in many MCM pieces, it's the hairpin leg. According to the creative lady who came up with this idea, they spent only $350 for making this beautiful bed. Not bad considering reproductions of MCM beds cost more than $1000.



The George Nelson Case Study Bed is an excellent example of a DIY project that captures the essence of mid-century modern style. The bed is constructed with hairpin legs, a common design element in many mid-century modern pieces. The creative mind behind this project was able to construct the bed for only $350, a far cry from the cost of reproductions of mid-century modern beds, which often exceed $1000. The tutorial for the bed can be found on mid-century-modern.net, and it is easy to follow.

Mid-century modern style is characterized by its clean lines, organic shapes, and use of natural materials. The George Nelson Case Study Bed is a great way to bring this style into your home, and it is a relatively simple and inexpensive project. You can use the bed as a platform bed, or you can add a headboard and footboard to give it a more traditional look.


Isamu Noguchi-inspired Spaceship Table

Isamu Noguchi-inspired Spaceship Table This DIY MCM home project will have you making a piece of furniture as well. I will be writing a list of fun DIY coffee tables but this particular piece obviously belongs to this post. Isn't it neat?



Cathrineholm-inspired Candle Holders


We started with somewhat difficult DIY mid-century modern projects so I think it's time for something much simpler. Cathrineholm enamelware are probably familiar to you. The genuine pieces are VERY pricey. Using only paper and glasses, you can incorporate their style into your home.



Shelving Unit

Shelving Unit Pipe shelves are distinctively mid-century modern. If you are thinking of installing open shelving in your home and you're partial to MCM goodness, this tutorial is for you.




Dollhouse Add MCM legs to a dollhouse and you've got yourself one unique home decor. Because you're with me when I say that dollhouses are more than just playthings, right? I have several (not MCM, though), and they make our flat look lovely.





Take two colorful plastic planters and attach them, bottoms together. Congratulations, you just did a DIY mid-century modern home project. Why do this? Because, according to Baz, MCM planters can cost between $145 to more than a thousand dollars. Ridiculous, really, when you can DIY and spend less than $20.





This is a great DIY MCM tutorial for making Eames-inspired drinking glasses. The pattern is of the lovely Eames dots. Aren't they fun? You will need etching cream for making this project.



Eames Hang-It-All-inspired

Eames Hang-It-All-inspired Hey, more Eames goodness! There are genuine Hang-It-Alls sold today but they cost up to $200. If you go the DIY route, you will be spending only for the wooden balls, a wire rack or two, and some spray paint. You'll have more fun, too!



George Nelson Ball Clock-inspired

George Nelson Ball Clock-inspired How much do George Nelson Ball clocks cost? Between $335 to $420. But if you DIY, you will spend only a fraction of that amount.



Ikea Goes MCM


Got a tired and ugly nightstand that could use a makeover? Why don't you give it a nice mid-century modern treatment? Check out how this Ikea piece got its new MCM look after the link.


These DIY mid-century modern home projects have made me realize that there are some things missing from our flat. While I consider what DIY MCM idea to try, tell me, which of these projects have caught your fancy?

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