10 Delightful Paris-Inspired DIY Projects ...


10 Delightful Paris-Inspired DIY Projects ...
10 Delightful Paris-Inspired DIY Projects ...

Paris-inspired DIY Projects are here for those who love this city or dream of setting foot in it one of these days. These Paris crafts are also great projects for anyone who is often hit by a case of wanderlust. If traveling is not financially possible at the moment, indulge in these Paris-inspired DIYs instead.

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Paper City

Paper City This** Paris-inspired DIY** is for kids but methinks you can still make these for displaying in your home. Don't you think these would look adorable on top of your mantle? Check out the link to download the city templates.



French Label

French Label How wonderful! Not only does the French label look beautifully vintage, this tutorial also offers you great tips on how to print on fabric. Yes, you will be printing this label on fabric right in your own home. I cannot wait to try this!




Necklace If you want to show off your love for Paris, making this necklace is one way to do it. You will need Podgeable Shapes from Mod Podge, papers or stickers with Paris illustrations, jump rings, and a chain.



Cafe Window

Cafe Window Is't this cute? Just like the first tutorial I linked to, this DIY is for a kid. However, I don't see why you can't incorporate a project like this in your home office, reading nook, or craft room. Really, if you have a dormer window in your home and you happen to love all things Paris, this cafe window awning is a must.



Book Bundle

Book Bundle Want to display books in an artful way? Making this bundle cover with a Paris scene is highly recommended. The tutorial after the link doesn't have a printable of this cute Paris pattern but these images are easy to find. You can even draw your own Paris scene!



Creating your own book bundle is a chic and personalized way to add a touch of Parisian flair to your bookshelf. After tracking down your perfect Paris scene—or sketching one by hand—transfer the image onto sturdy paper that will wrap around your selected books. Use adhesive to secure the scene as a cover, or tie the bundle together with twine for an added rustic feel. This charming display will give off a je ne sais quoi that is certain to spark conversations and inspire wanderlust in any visitor who catches a glimpse.



Postcard This is perhaps my favorite from this list of Paris-inspired DIYs. I love the postcard style. I love the delicate embroidery. And I love the manuscript-like writing.



Food Stall

Food Stall This is another Paris DIY here that is perfect for a little kid. The market stall idea is great but do you know what's even more impressive about this project? This used to be a hutch! Now THIS is one awesome repurposing project.



Store Signs

Store Signs From a market stall idea, we go to a great Paris store sign project. Instead of making an actual sign for an actual store, you will be making these labels for rooms in your house. Design variation: if you own a boutique, these will make for great fitting room signs!



Phone Cover

Phone Cover Using felt, printed fabric, and applique film, you can make a Paris-inspired case for your treasured mobile phone. If you've never tried applique before, this is an easy project to help you ease into it.



Lamp Shade

Lamp Shade This pretty lamp served as a table number for a wedding. To make your version, you can skip the number. Another way to make a Paris-inspired lamp shade is to use a map of the city. I bet that would be all sorts of pretty.


Hope you enjoyed this list of** Paris-inspired DIYs**! And I hope these would keep your wanderlust in check for a little while as you save up for your next trip.

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Me encantooo!! :)

Thanks so much for featuring my Paris Book Bundle! Sarah @ Hope In Every Season

I wish you had a DIY for the actual notebook you have as the picture! ❤

Wow these are all so pretty!! Wish I wasn't a lazy person because I wanna make DIYs :((

i love everything about this post ! i will be making a few of these! :D

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