10 Adorable DIY Summer Flip Flops ...


10 Adorable DIY Summer Flip Flops ...
10 Adorable DIY Summer Flip Flops ...

'Tis the season for DIY Flip Flops. We have here a list of DIY summer flip flops over which I'm sure you will flip. They're cute, they're fun to to, and they're affordable craft projects, too. Before you dare to bare your naked feet this season, I suggest that you give one or two of these DIY flip flops a go first.

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Take a bandana (in fun colors), tear to strips, and tie strips along the strap of your flip flops. Lindy suggests keeping the strips tight together so that you end up with a fluffy pair.



Braided Straps

Braided Straps This DIY flip flop idea is very easy and all sorts of cute. I like that you can use an old shirt to make the straps of these flip flops. Of course, if you have stretchy fabric in your stash, that would work, too.




Knotted From the blog: These flip flops are so easy, and so so comfortable. The best part? They only cost me $1.oo. I don't know about you but I think all craft tutorials should start like that.



Wrapped and Embellished

Wrapped and Embellished Carolyn shows us three ways to decorate your flip flops for summer. The basic steps are the same: you wrap the straps with ribbon and finish the project by attaching embellishment to the center of your slippers.



Ruffled T-Strap

Ruffled T-Strap This is another DIY flip flop idea brought to us by Ashley of Make It and Love It. If you're looking for a sexy and fun twist to your summer slippers, this t-strap idea is definitely for you.




Ribbon This flip flop makeover is very cute, too. You will need to make holes or slits on your straps and insert the ribbon through them. The ends of the ribbon are then tied to a bow by the center of the slippers. Super fun and easy to do.



T-Shirt Wrap

T-Shirt Wrap Heard of the Gap+Threadless partnership? One of the fun things they did was give us this brilliant flip flop tutorial. This particular DIY goes beyond embellishing the straps. In fact, you end up with fun and flirty gladiator-like sandals!

Tutorial (Facebook)



Eyelet Isn't this pretty? If you're planning a beach wedding, you can make these flip flops for your lovely bridesmaids. Check out the link to learn how to make your flip flops look this pretty.




Floral How cute! Basically, to make this DIY flip flop pair, you will use the same steps for customizing the braided slippers above. Instead of making braided straps, though, you will use only strips of the stretchy fabric. You will then add a pretty rosette that matches the rubber flip flops.




Beaded Here is another great pair for a bride tying the knot near the sea. The finished product is the top photo of this post. Aren't the flip flops gorgeous? This project looks easy to do, too. If, like me, you have lots of beads, using them to customize a pair of flip flops is a great idea.


Ready to make DIY summer flip flops? I'm sure you will find plenty of inspiration from this DIY flip flop list that I made. Happy crafting!

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