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There are many ways that you can make PVC Pipe DIY Projects. The list we have here will give you great PVC pipe DIY projects for the home. We also have one that will be a great addition to your jewelry collection. Before we start, I should mention that these PVC pipe projects will require power tools. Stay crafty but safe!

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Dresser Details

Dresser Details Take a look at the beautiful white dresser. The drawers look like they are embellished with fretwork panels but they are actually PVC pipes. Clever, right? Check out the link to see how Mandi gave this dresser a PVC-perfect makeover.



Playhouse / Fort

Playhouse / Fort How cool! I envy any child who can play in a fort as fantastic as this. You can make one for your kids or favorite godchildren using only PVC pipes and blankets. I bet you will have lots of fun making this fort.



Camp Chairs

Camp Chairs Looking for a way for your kids to be comfy during camping trips? Make them these adorable PVC chairs! Instead of canvas, you can also use ripstop nylon for the seats.




Organizer This is perhaps one of the easiest PVC pipe DIY projects here. You simply have some pipes cut up and then use Velcro or frame-hanging tape to adhere the pipes to your cupboard doors. Design variation: group pipes together and use to organize your dresser or desk.



The beauty of this project lies in its sheer simplicity and versatility. With just a few PVC pipes of varying diameters, you can create a tailor-made organizing system for all your knick-knacks. Imagine effortlessly storing your hairdryers, brushes, or even kitchen utensils! The best part? It’s a breeze to install. No need for complex tools or skills! And if you're creatively inclined, add a splash of paint to match your decor. It’s organization meets customization, all wrapped up in a chic, space-saving design!


Water Sprinkler

Water Sprinkler Here is another PVC pipe project that your kids will absolutely enjoy. If you have extra pipes from the fort you made, you can use them to make this fun water tunnel sprinkler. A wonderful way to beat the heat!




Swords Don't feel like making something that will turn your yard into a muddy mess? Then make these foam swords!




Frame This one is not really for framing photos but more like a pretty prop for photo sessions. It is pretty, though. I bet this frame will also look great on top of your mantel.




Wreath Instead of making a square frame shape, you can go circular and make a wreath instead. I love the Christmas balls displayed inside the big pipes.



Soccer Goal

Soccer Goal My sister would have loved a goal like this in our yard when we were still kids. If your family loves to play soccer, making this PVC pipe goal would make them truly happy.




Vase Here is another easy PVC pipe craft that you can make. If you are not planning on giving these as gifts, you can simply use patterned paper for wrapping the pipes. Pretty fabric will work, too.



Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet A bracelet made of PVC pipe? Yes! The great thing about this is that you can embellish it in so many ways. You can paint it or glue polymer clay details on it. Oh, the crafting possibilities!




Cabana If you don't have kids to make the previous PVC pipe DIY projects for, you can turn your attention to this fun cabana. Add curtains and a wonderful set of outdoor furniture and it will surely become a favorite spot in your home.


So there you have fun and brilliant PVC pipe DIY projects. Hope you enjoyed this DIY list! And I hope you get to create something from these PVC pipe crafts, too!

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These are so creative! I wish my son was a little older so I could make him these fun projects!

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