10 Creative Junk Mail Crafts ...


10 Creative Junk Mail Crafts ...
10 Creative Junk Mail Crafts ...

Junk Mail Crafts are fantastic projects for those who love to recycle. Even if you're not really into the whole eco-friendly thing and you simply want to "destroy" those pesky junk mails, I bet you'll love these DIYs, too. They range from easy to VERY easy. These** junk mail DIYs** are fantastic paper crafts to do with your friends or family for a casual crafternoon.

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Mini Notepad


Making notepads is one of my favorite craft projects. There is something about cutting paper and gluing them together that somehow calms me. Using junk mail, you can make a mini notepad very easily. For this craft project, you'll have to use security envelopes with pretty pattern.



Strips of Art

Strips of Art One of the best ways to craft with junk mail is to turn them into art. I think I have mentioned this paper strip idea before but it obviously needed to be included in this particular DIY list. Check out the link for the fun tutorial.




Snowflakes Snowflakes don't always have to be all-white. Using junk mail, you can make snowflakes that are cute and colorful. Not only will these make for great holiday decor, you can also use them for decorating any party anytime of the year.




Beads Making beads is something that you can do to recycle junk mail. The tutorial after the link is for a paper-to-bead method that involves blending junk mail into pulp. This is actually a paper-making technique. I've used this many times but not exactly for making beads. Hmm... I think I just found my next craft project.



Fabric Envelopes

Fabric Envelopes This is one junk mail DIY that is no doubt eco-friendly and fun. Not only will you be saving envelopes, you will also be stopping fabric scraps from their trip to the trash. And the items you'll end up making are very cute! They'll make for wonderful keepsake-holders.



Tear Drop Art

Tear Drop Art Here is another way to make art using junk mail. Instead of cutting strips, you will be making these cute droplet shapes. To make this, you draw the droplets on colorful junk mail using a Sharpie, you then cut the shapes, and then glue them in a pattern that you like. Frame and enjoy.



Paper Rosette

Paper Rosette Because junk mail can have very colorful papers, it only makes sense that you use them for making paper flowers. You can use these flowers for decorating gifts, for making garlands, or for any other fun home decor projects.



Flower Vases

Flower Vases The link below will show you several ways to make flower vases using junk mail. That orange and yellow beauty in the middle has scallops so yes, it's pretty much my favorite.




Trees These trees are great for decorating a mantel or for constructing a mini city for your kids. The link below no longer has the templates. However, there are still photos from which you can get the general idea on how to assemble these junk mail trees.



Heart Wreath

Heart Wreath This particular** junk mail craft** project is for the pretty heart wreath on the top photo. This is easy to do and there is some fun painting involved, too. Of course, you don't have to use a heart wreath form if you dislike to all things cheesy; go for a round one!


Got more junk mail crafts to share? Please tell us about them via the comments below. I'm pretty sure you have other more creative ideas on how to recycle junk mail. Let's hear 'em!

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10 Creative Junk Mail Crafts from reuse (via Twitter)

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