10 DIY Memo Boards to Make ...


10 DIY Memo Boards to Make ...
10 DIY Memo Boards to Make ...

This list of DIY Memo Boards is part of our back-to-school craft series. In case you missed the previous posts, you can check out our fun lists on DIY desk organizers, school bags, and lunch bags. To help you and your kids keep an organized home once school starts again, we give you these fun memo board DIYs. Just like the desk organizers I wrote about, though, you can also make these DIY memo boards even if you don't have students in the family. These would also look nice in your home office or kitchen.

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Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar Using magnetic primer, you can transform any piece of wood or board into a magnetic calendar. On top of making a DIY memo board that is also magnetic, Bec also made use of chalkboard paint. The result is a clever and cute organizational board.



Steel Sheet

Steel Sheet Steel sheet is a perfect material for making a DIY memo board. If you're into minimalist or industrial home decor, you would love this craft project. Aside from the classy look, I bet you'll love the fact that this DIY is easy, too.



Framed + Fabric-Covered

Framed + Fabric-Covered This memo board looks like a work of art, doesn't it? If you have very lovely fabric that you simply cannot bear to cut or sew, you can use it to make a memo board. Simply cover a cork board with the fabric and then frame.




Nailhead Here we have another way to make a DIY memo board that is pretty much similar to the previous method. Instead of framing the fabric-covered cork board, though, you will be tacking nailhead pins along the sides.




Trivets Ever seen those trivets made of cork? Get a set and cover them with pretty fabric. Hang and use as memo boards! I think I will be trying this DIY out; I always see cork trivets on sale whenever I go to the mall.



Wooden Spool

Wooden Spool Want to make a memo board for a crafty kid? If you happen to have lots of vintage spools, you can use them to give a plain cork board a makeover. Simply glue the spools to the frames and you're basically done. You can also go the extra mile by making pins using spools and buttons.



Decorative Metal

Decorative Metal This** DIY memo board** is magnetic, too. But instead of using only a painted metal, a decorative sheet was also added for wonderful visual appeal. Isn't it pretty? I love the yellow!



Dry-Erase Sticky Notes

Dry-Erase Sticky Notes I am partial to this particular DIY memo board because I love to play with Post-Its. The sticky notes on this board idea are not functional and simply serve as guides, though. Nonetheless, I think they look very cute.




Clothesline How adorable! You can make your version using a random piece of wood with strings placed horizontally. Add wooden clips and use the finished product as a darling memo board.




Tufted Looking for a feminine DIY memo board? This tufted idea from The Centstational Girl might be right up your alley. You will need frame, wood, batting, fabric, ribbon, and nail heads to make this pretty memo board.


Ready to get organized? Give one or two of these** DIY memo boards** a try and make your student's room more orderly. I bet he or she will be eternally grateful.

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