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I am back with our back-to-school crafts with these fun and sweet DIY school bags. Most of these DIY school bags are easy sewing projects. You can make one in one afternoon and even have enough time to make another for your niece or nephew. Now most of these** DIY school bags** are for little kids but really, you can easily modify them to fit an older student. Hope you like 'em!

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Applique Messenger Bag

Applique Messenger Bag Isn't this cute? The tutorial after the link will show you how Calli made a messenger bag for her girls. This messenger bag is a great design because it's simply perfect for school books and for keeping your kids' hands free. If you make this, you can go for other cute flap designs.



Drawstring Tote

Drawstring Tote If the previous** school bag tutorial** is not adult enough for you, this tote DIY may be exactly what you need. This bag is ideal for a high school kid. You can even make one for yourself, too.



Quilted Grommet Bag

Quilted Grommet Bag Here is another DIY school bag idea for an older student. If said student happens to be in love with sewing and quilting, this tutorial is a winner. To make this bag, you will need to pick fabrics with pretty prints. I suggest that you let the student pick the colors and designs so that she'll love her bag even more.



Camping Messenger Bag

Camping Messenger Bag Not all of the school bag DIYs we have here are for girls. In fact, this particular tutorial is for making a bag for a boy. A boy who happens to love camping. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm sure you can also make this bag for a girl. I mean, I would carry around a bag of this design proudly.



Notepad Tote

Notepad Tote Do you know what you need to make this fun school bag? Black and red markers! I'm sure you can get a pre-made canvas tote from a craft store or even a thrift store. You simply draw the lines, let dry, and you got yourself a fun school tote!



Slouchy Book Bag

Slouchy Book Bag Here is a school bag tutorial that a high-schooler will certainly love. There are many things to like about this bag. These include the front pockets, wide and comfortable strap, and of course, the upright rectangular design. The latter means that this bag is perfect for carrying books in.



Whale of a Bag

Whale of a Bag Want to make an adorable book bag for your toddler? Sure backpacks are fun but shoulder totes are cute, too. She can use this tote for bringing her favorite books to a play date or to the park.



Leather + Canvas

Leather + Canvas How cute is this bag? I bet this can carry a good number of books, art supplies, and notebooks. From this list of school bag DIYs, this particular idea is great for a college student.



Butterfly Embellishment

Butterfly Embellishment This tutorial is not for a bag but for a very cute decoration that you can sew onto a school bag. I am referring to the butterfly embellishment. Isn't it cute? Make one for your little girl's bag now!


Hope you enjoyed this list of** DIY school bags**! If you know other fun school bag tutorials, please share them with us.

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