12 Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas ...


12 Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas ...
12 Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas ...

Craft Room Decor Ideas are here to rescue you from your dull surroundings. I have gathered here pretty craft room decor ideas that you will surely love. The best part: these craft room decor ideas will not cost you a lot of money! That's right, most of these are repurposed projects. And yes, you can also use them to decorate your office or studio or little sewing nook if you don't have an actual craft room. Happy DIYing!

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Vintage Sewing Pattern Wall Art

Vintage Sewing Pattern Wall Art I'm sure you have vintage sewing patterns lying around. You simply have to frame them and hang and you've got yourself some **cute craft room deco**r! You can choose to do more than 4 if you're thinking of having a photo wall of some sort.



Fabric Panels

Fabric Panels Got pretty fabrics or fabric scraps that you don't know what to do with? Don't throw them out; they're what you need to make this** cute craft room decor idea**!



Giant Elements

Giant Elements Giant replicas of items that you use often in your crafting adventures can also help you in designing your craft room. This pair of wooden scissors is a great example.



Wordy Motivation

Wordy Motivation I've always wanted to use random letters as decor elements for our apartment. Letters are hard to come by in my corner of the world, though, and I always feel lazy about making them. If they are sold in your nearest craft store, I suggest you make some type of "wordy motivation." Other ideas: sew, make, your name.



Swatch Portraits

Swatch Portraits Lovely! This is one of the** craft room decor ideas** here that will not cost you a lot of money. The tiny embroidery hoops look so goshdarn adorable, don't they?



Stencil It up

Stencil It up These wooden boxes double as storage, too. Very cute, right? A note about colors: red and white look great together, especially when they have that distressed look.



Specimen Art

Specimen Art How about making wall art using sewing notions? You can go very colorful or stick to one shade. I am in love with the blues and greens that Susan used here.



Melted Crayon

Melted Crayon I'm sure you've seen this idea around. I had to include it in this list of craft room decor projects because really, crafting is making art, too.



Patchwork Sewing Machine

Patchwork Sewing Machine Yes, you can use your sewing machine as a decorative detail of your craft room. The best way to do that is by decoupaging it with pretty fabric scraps.



Dress Forms


I have two dress forms in my craft room. One is my size and the other is a smaller version with a lovely print. I think they make my little crafting cave more beautiful.



Scraps in a Jar

Scraps in a Jar This is a great craft room decor idea because not only will you have something pretty to look at, you will also be able to make use of your fabric scraps. All kinds of clever, yes?



Vintage Pattern Lamp

Vintage Pattern Lamp Take a pendant lamp and cover it with vintage patterns. There are many ways to go about this but I love this rustic look.


There you have cute craft room decor ideas. I am copying some of these since my office/sewing area is still a work in progress. I will most likely do the** craft room decor project** involving a clear jar and fabric scraps.

So crafty ladies, got more to add to this list? Share your ideas!

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