8 More Wonderful DIY Book Crafts ...


8 More Wonderful DIY Book Crafts ...
8 More Wonderful DIY Book Crafts ...

This list of DIY Book Crafts is a continuation of our previous post on ways to upcycle vintage books. The day after I made that old list, I found more book craft projects. Of course, I had to share them with you, too. Let's check out these wonderful DIY book ideas, shall we?

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Purse I can't believe I did not include this in our old list of** book crafts;** I used to make book bags. In fact, my very first projects when I started craft blogging were book purses. They sure were fun to make. If you want to create your own, check out the video tutorial after the link.



Activity Book

Activity Book How cute! This is a great DIY book craft for a little boy or girl in your life. I bet this will make a wonderful birthday or "just because" gift. Of course, this can also be made for an adult who likes to draw or paint. I think I will give this idea a go and make a portable art kit for my sister.




Organizer Becky made this for displaying Christmas cards. But you can also try this fun book project for organizing mails, papers, and other things in your home office.



Table Runner

Table Runner I love this! I am not very sociable and if I were to be invited to a dinner event with this as the table runner, I will not feel out of place. That's right, I will be reading the book page runner. I might even make friends by asking people down the table what's written on the runner in front of them.



Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display This DIY book craft idea is pretty cute, too. What you will need to make one are door knobs and a book. Screw the door knobs through the open book, hang, and hang your jewelry. Easy and fun! Design variation: use a page of the book that has very interesting illustrations.




Planner If you don't like the planners sold in stores near you, you can make your own. What you can do is replace the planner cover with the cover of a vintage book. This is easy. You simply remove the "innards" of the book, make pockets for the cover interiors, and then insert the planner. Check out the link for photos of the steps.



Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover On top of the activity book, I will also give this particular DIY book project a go. I happen to like my current Kindle cover but there are times when I get tired of the all-black, all-leather look.



Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box This is another DIY idea by the uber-creative Kinsey. I like having random books around my house and in the bedroom. They take up space but it wouldn't be so bad if I transform one book into a jewelry box. So basically, this gives me a multi-purpose and book-related home decor.


Did you like this 2nd list of vintage book craft projects? Hope you did! I shall be stalking more craft blogs and find more** book craft ideas** for us to do. If you happen to know of some, please share them with us!

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