8 Sweet DIY Sun Catchers to Make ...


8 Sweet DIY Sun Catchers to Make ...
8 Sweet DIY Sun Catchers to Make ...

DIY Sun Catchers are great summer projects. We have only 8 s**un catcher tutorials** here but I reckon that these will inspire you to create your own designs. Aside from giving you inspirations for other DIY sun catcher styles, these projects are also fantastic because you can do them with your kids. Let's get started!

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Melted Beads

Melted Beads Isn't this pretty? This is a brilliant DIY sun catcher to make because you will not spend a cent on this. In fact, you will be giving new life to materials that have probably been gathering dust in your home for years. I am talking about beads. To make this pretty melted bead sun catcher, check out Michelle's wonderful tutorial



Creating this stunning piece is both eco-friendly and budget-friendly, ideal for those who love to repurpose with flair. Gather up those neglected beads and transform them into a dazzling display that catches the sunlight beautifully. Michelle's step-by-step guide is incredibly simple to follow, and the result is a homemade masterpiece that adds a splash of color and charm to any window. Whether for yourself or as a personalized gift, this melted bead sun catcher project is a delightful way to craft something special and unique.


Plastic Cup Rainbow

Plastic Cup Rainbow Can you believe that this DIY sun catcher is made of plastic cups? Erin used type 6 recycling plastic cups. Apparently, they melt like shrinky dinks. In other words, you can use these plastic cups in lots of crafting adventures. To make this particular craft project, you will have to melt the cups without the bottom. For the complete instructions, check out the link below.




Memories To make this DIY sun catcher, you will need a product called clear window decal film. They are available in craft stores; make sure that you get the type for ink-jet printers. Design variation: print landscapes instead of people.



Hardware Cloth

Hardware Cloth According to Carol, you can find hardware cloth in 2"x10" rolls. They are available in hardware stores or home improvement establishments. If you still have beads left from doing the first sun catcher DIY idea above, you can use them for making this particular craft project. Make sure that you use the clear type, of course.



Begin by cutting the hardware cloth into your desired shape using a pair of sturdy wire cutters. Be sure to file down any sharp edges for safety. Next, arrange your clear beads in a beautiful design on the hardware cloth; you can create a pattern or keep it abstract to suit your style. Once you're happy with your arrangement, place the hardware cloth on a cookie sheet and carefully transfer it to a preheated oven. Melt the beads at the recommended temperature until they've fully fused together, creating a vibrant, stained glass effect. Let your creation cool before hanging it in a sunny window to catch the light.



Dragonfly I love this! I had a sun catcher phase (about 8 or so years ago) and the ones I made were of wire and multi-faceted clear beads. This pretty dragonfly reminded me of my old DIY sun catchers.



Dragonflies are a popular motif in many forms of art, from jewelry to home decor. This beautiful dragonfly sun catcher is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home. The dragonfly is made from colorful wire and multi-faceted clear beads, giving it a unique and eye-catching look.

Sun catchers are a great way to bring color and life to your home. They can be hung in windows or in any area of your home that gets natural light. Sun catchers can also be used to create a focal point in a room.

Making sun catchers is a fun and creative DIY project. It's a great way to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your home. Plus, the materials are usually inexpensive and easy to find.

To make a dragonfly sun catcher, you'll need wire, beads, and a pair of pliers. Start by cutting the wire into the desired shape of the dragonfly. Then, use the pliers to bend the wire into the shape. Finally, add the beads to the wire.


Random Beads

Random Beads Another DIY sun catcher idea using leftover beads! Don't you just love craft projects that allow you to use loose and random materials? In order to make a pretty sun catcher, you will want to pick mostly clear or glass beads. Design variation: use beads in monochromatic colors. How about shades of blue?



Creating a DIY sun catcher from random beads is not only fun but also incredibly simple. All you need is a wire or a sturdy thread to string your choice of beads. Think of it as a jewelry project for your window. For the best results, use a transparent fishing line to emulate the floating effect. If you want to add some whimsical charm, incorporate larger statement beads in between smaller ones for a cascading look. The sunlight will dance through each bead, casting an enchanting array of colors throughout your room. This project is a delightful way to bring brightness and joy into your space.


Gelatin Plastic Rainbows

Gelatin Plastic Rainbows Did you know that you can make plastic from unflavored gelatin? Insane, right? What you do is mix the gelatin with water and any coloring that you like. You pour a thin layer of the mixture over a mold of some sort and then let it dry for several days. Once your plastics are dry, you can then cut them to make your sun catcher. Fun!



Plastic Lid

Plastic Lid This is a craft idea that helps teach kids about recycling and art. Basically, you let your kid go crazy on a clear plastic lid and then hang it up as a sun catcher. Of course, you can also do your grown-up art thing and draw pretty awesome stuff.


Got more DIY sun catcher ideas? I bet you do! Tell us about them; link to blog posts or photos so that we may admire your DIY sun catchers.

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