10 Super Simple DIY Shower Curtains ...

DIY Shower Curtains are here to get you out of your bathroom designing rut. From adding colors to doing a simple update of your present shower curtain, these DIY projects are here to help. Most of these DIY shower curtains will require sewing but this should not scare you. After all, how can you possibly go wrong at sewing straight lines? Now if the thought of going near a sewing machine simply terrifies you, you can check out the no-sew DIY shower curtain idea here.

1. Color-Block

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Feel like having a trendy bathroom? Go color-block! I have always been in love with this idea for a DIY shower curtain, to be perfectly honest. I have just been stopping myself from actually sewing one because our bathroom is already painted bright yellow. For those who have all-white bathrooms and looking to add drama and color, this project is for you.


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