10 Very Easy DIY Valances to Make ...


10 Very Easy DIY Valances to Make ...
10 Very Easy DIY Valances to Make ...

DIY Valances are exactly what you need to give your house a small makeover. The great thing about** DIY valances** is that they make a huge impact even though they do not cover a huge area in your home. Another reason to love these** DIY valances** is that they are easy to make but if done right, will look amazingly professional. Let's check them out!

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Recycled Cardboard

Recycled Cardboard Isn't this pretty? I love the white and gold together. I bet this will work in any room in your house. According to Diane, "this window treatment is not only inexpensive because it only requires the purchase of a 1-2 yards of fabric and quilt batting, but it is so easy to make and install..."

Tutorial (PDF file)


Tiered and Ruffled

Tiered and Ruffled How cute! Molly made this for her little girl's room. The colorful and loud style may not be everyone's cup of tea but fear not, you can easily transform this DIY valance to fit a more grown up room. How about using ruffles in one color? All black, perhaps?



Paintable Wall Paper

Paintable Wall Paper Yes, that is a** DIY valance**. It looks amazing, doesn't it? But do you know what's even more amazing? This beautiful valance cost only $29 to make. Check out how Brooke and Dan created this lovely window treatment.




Monogram This is a great DIY valance idea for those who don't want something printed but think that a plain fabric or material may be too boring. A monogram idea is also great for your little boy's room or for a beach cottage.



Tutu + Fabric Scrap

Tutu + Fabric Scrap Here is another** DIY valance tutorial** perfect for a little girl's room. I think this idea will work only if the rest of the room is not drowning in loud colors. But if your little girl insists on colors EVERYWHERE, this is the best valance idea out there.




No-Sew Here is a valance idea that will not require you to spend time with a sewing machine. I bet even your husband or boyfriend can give this a go. The materials needed to make this valance are a rod, fabric, and Heat 'n Bond adhesive. This will most likely cost you only $20.




Pleated This may by my favorite among these DIY valances. I love the huge bow by the bottom. I'd give this idea a go but my cats will have a field day with that bow.



Rustic Photo Transfer

Rustic Photo Transfer The idea behind this valance was a Pottery Barn rustic wall art. With the use of Mod Podge and boards, Mallory was able to maker her own valance version of the 300-dollar Pottery Barn item. Genius.



Easy Pleated

Easy Pleated This is another pleated idea that can make your windows look pretty instantly. I am in love with this fabric. The style of the valance is great, too, of course.



Foam Core

Foam Core Isn't this gorgeous? This look professionally done but it is really just a brilliant DIY. This DIY valance is a wonderful blend of cheap and easy. It will be a sin not to consider this for your window makeover.


Which of these** DIY valances** will you be trying? If I have to pick my top 3 fave ideas from these** DIY valances** list, I'd go with the ruffled, pleated with bow, and the foam core box.

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