15 Gorgeous Spring Wreath Ideas ...


15 Gorgeous Spring Wreath Ideas ...
15 Gorgeous Spring Wreath Ideas ...

Spring Wreath Ideas are exactly what you need if you've been wondering what crafts will help give color to your home. The fantastic** spring wreath ideas** we have here will surely give you lots of inspiration. And because we love you, most of these spring wreath projects come with tutorials.

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Ruffly Paper

Ruffly Paper Oh, how I love crafting with paper. If you feel about paper the same way I do, this is the** perfect spring wreath idea** for you. Isn't the ruffly effect gorgeous?



Fresh Apples

Fresh Apples This one can be done as soon as you finish poking apples with your ready-made wreath. And yes, you can choose other fruits, too. Make sure that they will hold up for more than a day.




Monogram How about you show off your name? I love the blue that Liz Marie used for the letter G here.



Yarn Eggs

Yarn Eggs Isn't this adorable? This is one of the spring wreath ideas here that your kids will enjoy making.



Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers With the use of floral wires, you will be able to make fabric flowers that curve beautifully. You can then use them to embellish your spring wreath. So clever and cool.



Stripes + Felt

Stripes + Felt It's not everyday that you see a stripey wreath, right? If you want something unique and pretty, this is the perfect wreath to take inspiration from.



Vintage Fabric

Vintage Fabric This one will turn out very pretty as long as you use fabrics with cool, spring colors. Bonus: this is a fantastic DIY project if you happen to have a lot of fabric scraps.



Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Aren't cherry blossoms beautiful? They are great materials for making spring wreaths because of their colors. For an** easy spring wreath idea** with cherry blossoms, you will need only a ready-made twig base, the blossoms, and ribbon.



Yarn + Embroidery Hoops

Yarn + Embroidery Hoops This might just be the** spring wreath DIY project** for me because I happen to have 3 unused embroidery hoops right here. Also, I am loving the yo-yos!



Rattan Balls

Rattan Balls This particular project is cheap, easy, and fun. Because, really, who can say no to dying rattan balls in spring lovely colors?



Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies If the spring wreath you have in mind is something that looks hauntingly ethereal, check out this wonderful tutorial. Oh, the many ways you can be creative with this!



Twigs + Eggs

Twigs + Eggs Save egg shells and use them to decorate your spring wreath. There are many ways to go about this. I love this idea with the slim twig wreath base, feathers, and ribbons. The birdhouse is a wonderful detail, too.



Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Balls That's right, those pretty yellow round thingies are ping pong balls. Isn't that clever? Check out the tutorial for this creative spring wreath idea.




Moss Nothing like moss to make those who look at your door decor feel that spring is truly upon us. Don't you just love the eggs and flowers that were added?



Wreath Art

Wreath Art This one is not technically a wreath but I had to include it because it's super cute. I bet you have a little girl in your life that would love to make this with you.


I am guessing you're all pumped up for warmer weather now that you have seen the many** spring wreath projects** we have listed here. I know I am. And yes, I am all pumped up for trying out some of these spring wreath ideas, too. I got my eye on those embroidery hoop and paper butterfly ones. How about you?

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