9 Fun Ways to Re-Use Old Socks ...


9 Fun Ways to Re-Use Old Socks ...
9 Fun Ways to Re-Use Old Socks ...

If you have an abundance of unmated or old socks, you probably need a few ideas of ways to re-use old socks! Well, you've come to the right place! This article has 9 different creative and resourceful uses for old socks! Haul out that bin you have stashed in your laundry room filled with mismatched socks, because you're going to need it! Continue reading for some great ways to re-use old socks.

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Cute Toys

You can make a cute little buddy for your child to have with this way to re-use old socks! All you need is a needle and thread, some scraps of felt, an old button or two, and some stuffing. Stuff the sock full of stuffing and sew the bottom shut. Now you can use hot glue to add on the buttons and felt in the form of facial features, ears, and/or hair!


Heat Pack

One of the best ways to re-use old socks is to make a heat pack with them! Fill an old sock with rice, and sew the end shut. Then you can pop it in the microwave with a glass of water for about 45 seconds to a minute. The glass of water is important, because the moisture will keep your rice bag from over heating!


Coin Purse

Old socks make the cutest little change purses! I love to use children's socks for this one, but adult socks make larger ones if thats what you prefer. All you have to do is pick up a ball snap frame at an arts and crafts store and attach it to the top of the sock. It's that simple!


Cleaning Aid

Here's a great way to re-use old socks AND get rid of some dust bunnies in the process. Take a ruler and slide an old sock over the top of it. Now you can slide it underneath furniture, and in other hard to reach areas. When you finish, simply slip off the sock and either wash it or toss it in the trash!


Hair Help

One of the fun uses for old socks is to create pony-tail holders with them! I find that children's socks work best for this trick, unless you have very thick hair. You will need sharp scissors. Take the sock, and cut bands straight across the top cuff. After a few uses, they will roll themselves under, and no one will even guess it's an old sock!


Drink Cozy

Here's a very inventive way to re-use old socks! Use a large sock to make a drink cozy! The cuter the sock, the cuter your cup! I've found that this tip will keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm. Great for traveling!


Moving Day

Old socks work great to wrap knick-knacks and small breakable items in when you are moving. I've also used them to stuff into cracks and empty spaces. This is one of the ways to use old socks that will come in handy if you move or travel often.


Potpourri Holder

Do you have a problem with moths or mold in your closets and drawers? Here's the perfect way to re-use old socks AND take care of the issue! Fill an old sock with moth balls and sew it shut. Then, stash it where ever the problem occurs! This same idea works great with potpourri, if you simply want a nice scent in an area.


Bottle Holders

I love cooking, but I hate the grease rings my oil bottles leave on my cabinets! To remedy this, I slide an old sock onto the bottom of the bottle. It catches oil drips, and keeps the bottle from being slick, plus my cabinets are all ring-free!

I love getting creative and finding ways to use old socks! Re-inventing stuff is one of the things that we ladies can do best, right gals? Can you think of any uses for old socks that I didn't mention here? Please comment below with your genius suggestions and ideas of ways to re-use old socks!

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