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DIY Trays will surely make tea time or your center table look more inviting. The** charming and chic DIY trays** I've gathered here for you range from super easy to somewhat complicated. And by complicated, I mean you will need basic carpentry skills. Let's check out these fun DIY tray projects, shall we?

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Salvaged Cupboard Door

Salvaged Cupboard Door Yes, this really pretty tray used to be a cupboard door. Monica over at Crafty Nest got hers from a salvage yard. I'm sure the one near you has plenty of cupboard doors. Save one, add door handles, paint/decorate, and use as tray.



Music Sheet

Music Sheet Mod Podge is all sorts of awesome, isn't it? Here is one fun DIY tray that you can make using this ah-mazing product. The sheet music idea is fab. The sheet music that Kate used was of her wedding song. She made this tray for her husband for Valentine's Day. Sweet, yes?




Distressed To make this lovely magazine DIY tray, you will need wood, wood glue, paint, and some metal pieces for embellishment. Next to Mod Podge, wood glue is also fantastic for home decor projects. With the help of a few nails, you will be able to make this rustic tray in no time.



Paper Tray

Paper Tray This is another decoupaged** DIY tray** idea. Unlike the sheet music one, you will cover the whole top panel of the tray with pretty paper. I think this idea will be great for making a tray set. What do you think?




Crate-like Using beautiful stained wood and jute, the talented family behind The Handmade Home shows us how they made this** DIY tray**. It's quite unique, isn't it? They're using this to house magazines on their coffee table but if you make a smaller version, it will be perfect for organizing your vanity or even for serving treats.




Woodburnt Isn't this tray pretty? Doing this is easy, too. Using a handy woodburning tool, you can draw on a wooden tray and create something truly unique and beautiful.




Framed Frames make for wonderful DIY tray materials. The one pictured here is the usual carved wooden tray. If you can find some with more ornate designs, that would be insanely cool.



Etched Map

Etched Map Love etched glass projects? If you also happen to love traveling, this** DIY tray idea** is perfect for you. The map design is so good, though, that even those who don't really feel wanderlust that often will still find this project a lot of fun to do.



Yardstick Tray

Yardstick Tray How cool is this? I will make a list of yardstick projects in the future but for now, I felt that I should include this beauty in this DIY tray group. The natural color of the yardstick looks great but I think you can also paint this. That's what I did with a miniature shelf that I made using yardstick.


I hope you liked this list of charming and chic DIY trays! There are a bazillion more DIY tray ideas out there and I will be updating this list in the future. If you have clever designs to share, please do so. Thanks!

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