7 Fabulous Old T-shirt DIY's ...


7 Fabulous Old T-shirt DIY's ...
7 Fabulous Old T-shirt DIY's ...

Have an old tee kicking around? Need an old t-shirt DIY? Well it’s your lucky day, because I’ve got 7 fabulous things you can do with an old t-shirt. From Laptop Cases, to Produce Bags, to Baby Diapers I’ve got you covered. Now all you need to do is find an old tee and get to crafting already.

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Laptop Case

Laptop Case …because if you didn’t dress your laptop, it would be naked?! All jokes aside a Laptop does benefit greatly from being covered and cared for properly. Putting your laptop in this old tee would keep it from getting dusty as well as scratched. A fabulous old t-shirt DIY that you could make for yourself or maybe even a friend. Nothing says “you’re my bestie” like a old t-shirt laptop case.

Link: blog.makezine.com


Doggie T-Shirt

Doggie T-Shirt Style and Warmth still needs to be considered when it comes to our furry friends. Why dispose of our old t-shirts when you could be providing your puppy a new wardrobe? A very easy old t-shirt DIY that will have passer-bys stopping to take a second look.

Link: instructables.com



Scarf There is nothing better than re-purposing and old tee into something you loved even more than the t-shirt itself. This fun t-shirt DIY will give your raggedy tee a fresh new life wrapped around your neck. Keeping you warm and stylish this old tee DIY is a must for all you fashionistas out there.

Link: ninthandbird.com


Produce Bag

Produce Bag Shop the Farmers market in style this summer with these old tee produce bags. Extremely simple to make, and even more beautiful to look at. I bet by the end of the market you will have market guests asking if you can make and sell them one. Hmmmm looks like quitting your 9 to 5 just got a little closer.

Link: deliacreates.blogspot.ca



Purse A purse is a purse is a purse? Not when it’s made from your absolute favorite old tee. This old t-shirt DIY will give you a new fresh crush on that old tee that you refuse to dispose of. Just because you can’t wear it anyone, doesn’t mean you can hang it over your shoulder. I love how the crafter in this DIY added the tassels to the bottom of the bag. So in love.

Link: honestlywtf.com



Diaper Betcha never thought you’d be happy to see baby pooping on your favorite old tee. Not until now that is. This brilliant mama turned her old tees into re-usable diapers. If I didn’t mind the idea of throwing a soiled diaper into my brand new Washer/Dryer set I would make these, making my switch from disposable to re-usable that much cuter. This lady should be given a metal… Amazing old T-shirt DIY.

Link: naturalviolet.blogspot.ca



Ring Just think, with one old tee you could make an army of these adorable old t-shirt rings. Mix and match with another old tee to make the ring multi colored and interesting. The sky's the limit really. I smell a future ETSY shop about to open. Who’s going to be the first to bring these old tee rings to market?

Link: homemadeginger.com

An old tee shall collect dust no more. With these 7 Old T-shirt DIY’s we will be bringing ACDC and Pink Floyd back to life. How will you be repurposing your old tees?

Top Image Source: pinterest.com

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