7 Fantastic DIY's with Your Pictures from Instagram ...


7 Fantastic DIY's with Your Pictures from Instagram ...
7 Fantastic DIY's with Your Pictures from Instagram ...

Is your phone a long lost twin of mine? Overflowing with Instagram images and requesting more capacity? Have you ever thought about crafting with them, we all know them sitting there isn’t getting them any love. DIY’s with pictures are so much fun, because they are personal and meaningful. Instagram DIY’s are becoming extremely popular and I have found 7 of my favorite.

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Coasters Everyone has “that friend” — the one who puts their chilled beer on the brand new oak coffee table. EVERYONE. Now you can picture perfectly ask this doofus to “use a coaster man”. This Instagram DIY can also use up all those printed pictures you have kicking around. Great for your home – or as a one of a kind gift for friends. Those friends who own expensive coffee tables of course.

Link: anerdlikeme.com


Wall Art

Wall Art You share your pictures on Facebook wall, Twitter feed and Instagram, so why not your REAL walls? This Instagram DIY also uses up all your homeless CD cases. Look at that a DIY with pictures that not only clean up your iphones but your music library as well. A DIY with pictures has never been so fun.

Link: hellogiggles.com


Canvas Print

Canvas Print I don’t care what anyone says, some Instagram images can easily pass as works of art. Why pay $1,500 for some piece of abstract art when you can make your own mounted on a $10 piece of canvas? This is ingenious I think, fill your walls with personal art that actually has meaning to you. Your friends will no doubt ask who the artist is, and simply reply Moi da Vinci.

Link: abeautifulmess.typepad.com


Jar Décor

Jar Décor A fun and easy way to use up your images and some old jars is this DIY instragram lightbox. So darn clever, yet just so simple to do, why didn’t I think of this? You know you have jars kicking around that are looking for a new home. Get them out of the recycle and make yourself a new work of art. This is simply brilliant. These DIY’s with pictures just get better and better.

Link: the217.com


Personal Books

Personal Books This one here is out of this world. How upset I am that I didn’t know of this site sooner, however ecstatic to have stumbled across it now. Printstagram takes your Instagram images and put them into teenie tiny books. At 3 printed books for $10 can you even go wrong? Out of all these DIY’s with pictures, this by far would have to be the laziest. But I would have to say it just might be my favorite.

Link: printstagr.am



Journal If you’re as obsessive about stationary as I am – hold onto your paper panties… you’re going to love this Instagram DIY. I carry a journal with me in my purse; never go without paper. Always writing down my next blog post idea or a DIY that I thought of doing. I’m a mother, my brain doesn’t work the way it used to, must write everything down. Now, with this Instagram DIY I’ll be reminded dozens of times a day of my favorite times with family and friends.

Link: abeautifulmess.typepad.com



Magnets DIY’s with pictures can be very time consuming, considering how small the Instagram images can be. However what better way to show them off than in the center of your kitchen. Magnets on your fridge have never been so lovely. I am kicking myself now for opting to spend the extra money on stainless steels appliances. Insert sad face here.

Link: eatliveluv.blogspot.ca

DIY’s with pictures are all over the web, however finding fun, easy and affordable Instagram DIY’s, have proven to be not as. I hope you loved the 7 DIY’s I found for you. Tell me what’s your favorite, or do you have another you can share?

Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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