7 Fantastic DIY's with Your Pictures from Instagram ...

Is your phone a long lost twin of mine? Overflowing with Instagram images and requesting more capacity? Have you ever thought about crafting with them, we all know them sitting there isn’t getting them any love. DIY’s with pictures are so much fun, because they are personal and meaningful. Instagram DIY’s are becoming extremely popular and I have found 7 of my favorite.

1. Coasters

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Everyone has “that friend” — the one who puts their chilled beer on the brand new oak coffee table. EVERYONE. Now you can picture perfectly ask this doofus to “use a coaster man”. This Instagram DIY can also use up all those printed pictures you have kicking around. Great for your home – or as a one of a kind gift for friends. Those friends who own expensive coffee tables of course.

Link: anerdlikeme.com

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