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10 Great Ways to Upcycle Globes ...

By Meream

Ways to Upcycle Globes are great projects for sprucing up your home. We have featured here map decor ideas and it was only a matter of time before I give you ways to upcycle globes. So here we are. Let me just tell you that I'm quite excited abut this. I might just run off to my fave thrift shops and hoard globes after I click publish. Hope you like these globe upcycling projects!

1 Giant Clock

Giant ClockWhat a fun** way to upcycle globes**! Won't this be great for the library in your house? This is the only project here that will require you to buy more than one globe. I'm sure you can find a flea market somewhere that has a good collection of vintage globes. Just make sure that you find ones of uniform size.


2 Spring Globe

Spring GlobeThis is beautiful. And somehow poetic, yes? You can** upcycle a globe** in a way that shows how you see the world. In this case, it's a green world teeming with pretty flowers.



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3 Photo World

Photo WorldHow about turning a globe into a rotating photo album of some sort? You can paste photos that make up your world. Get it? World? Anyway, this can be a great gift for a husband or grandparents.


4 Tacky

TackyAnd by tacky, I mean "filled with thumbtacks." For those who want to** upcycle a globe** to make it fit a home with modern aesthetics, this is a great project to consider. And yes, it's VERY easy to do.


5 Chalkboard Globe

Chalkboard GlobeThe standard globe look boring you? Don't worry, this** globe upcycling project** will help you give it a new look. When you're done painting, you can draw the major continents or leave the globe blank so that it can double as a notice board.


6 Globe Clock

Globe ClockUnlike the first idea here, this one is for making a smaller wall clock. You will need only half a globe for this. Design variation: skip the frame part.


7 Disco Globe

Disco GlobeA house is not a home without a disco ball. You can quote me on that. To complete your living space, this disco globe idea is a great project. Don't worry, you don't need glass to make this sparkly home decor. You will need only shiny paper cut in squares. Clever, right?


8 Travel Fund

Travel FundA globe used as a piggy bank? Brilliant. And if you happen to be saving for a trip, this globe upcycling idea is beyond perfect.


9 Lamp

LampWe can't make a list of ways to upcycle globes without mentioning that they can be turned into pretty light fixtures. The link below shows you how to make an overhead lamp using half a globe. With a few modifications, you can also use a globe to make a sconce, a table lamp, or even a chandelier.


10 Bowl

BowlOf course globes can be turned into bowls. The shape pretty much dictates this DIY idea. For keeping your bowl upright, you can glue it to a candle stand. You can also glue 4 beads that will act as legs.


I had fun gathering these** clever ways to upcycle globes**. If you have more creative ideas about globe upcycling craft projects, we're all ears. Please share them via comments below!

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