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There are many Ways to Repurpose Umbrellas. Because these things don't exactly live a very long time, it's only fair that you learn a thing or two about recycling them. The following are just some of the ways to repurpose umbrellas; most of these are projects for the home but there are several that are fashion-related. Let's check them out!

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Pendant Lamp

Pendant Lamp Talk about unique! Making a lamp is just one of the ways to repurpose umbrellas. The tutorial after the link shows you how to make a lamp using two umbrellas. However, you can make your own with only one umbrella, installed upside down.



An inverted umbrella isn't just a conversation starter; it's also a clever way to add an eclectic touch to your decor. When paired with the right light fixture, it softens the bulb's bright glare, giving your space a cozy, ambient vibe. Plus, you have a choice of hues and patterns thanks to the wide variety of umbrella designs available. So, not only are you being resourceful, but you're also injecting a bit of your personality into your living space. Remember to ensure electrical safety when you embark on this DIY project!


Door Decor

Door Decor This is a spring or easter decor idea and is a wonderful way to** repurpose an old umbrella.** From BHG: To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder...




Skirt Yes, this skirt is made of an umbrella. There is no tutorial for this but this should give you enough inspiration to try to make clothes using this rainy day gear. Awesome, right?




Bunting If you have an old umbrella that has more than one pattern or design,, making a bunting is a great way to repurpose it.




Hook Most of the umbrella upcycling methods we have here will have you using the frame or the fabric. This particular idea, however, will require only the handle. Nifty.



Play Tent

Play Tent I am way past the "playing in a tent" age but I am very jealous of the kids who get to play in this tall umbrella fort. Very cool, right?



Chandelier or Mobile

Chandelier or Mobile The frame of an umbrella can be used to make an interesting chandelier for your home or for any event that you're planning. From this frame, you can hang beads, colorful paper, and other things that look mighty interesting when floating above your head.



Fold-Away Cloche

Fold-Away Cloche That umbrella that you're about to throw away may just be what you need to protect your winter greens. Replace the old umbrella fabric with clear plastic and you're done.




Hood How cute is this hood! This is made of salvaged materials from a broken umbrella, felt lining, and insulation. The link leads to an Etsy shop but I think you can easily make your own using any hood pattern available online.




Parachute Here is an umbrella upcycling project that is sure to delight your kids. Take note, this parachute is not for jumping from a high place; it's for catching and shaking things around.



Drying Rack

Drying Rack This one is not very pretty but it can prove to be very useful. Aside from giving you several "lines" for drying, this is great because it is portable and can be stored away easily.



Grocery Bag

Grocery Bag This is my fave from this list of umbrella repurposing ideas. You will use only the umbrella fabric for making this bag. Check out the link for the bag pattern.



Pet Raincoat

Pet Raincoat You can't walk your dog in the rain without putting him/her in a raincoat! Make one by using an old umbrella and the fantastic tutorial after the link.


So there you have 13 ways to repurpose umbrella**s. I hope that these give you plenty of inspiration. If you have other **umbrella upcyling ideas, tell us about them via the comments section below.

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