8 Ideas for Table Centerpieces ...


8 Ideas for Table Centerpieces ...
8 Ideas for Table Centerpieces ...

Ideas For Table Centerpieces come in handy, especially when you are in charge of planning showers, weddings, or any other type of events. I am always looking for new ideas for table centerpieces, something fresh and unique and interesting to spice up the room. I've listed 8 of my absolute favorite ideas for table centerpieces for your enjoyment! Please keep reading to find some great ideas for table centerpieces that you and everyone else will love!

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Sweet Treats

Here's a fab idea for a table centerpiece that works for any occasion, but is especially great for kids! Fill any type of glass container with candy, then stick large, brightly colored lollipops into it! You can use jelly beans, gumdrops, M&M's, or whichever candy you like. For variety, go for several containers in different sizes on each table!


Christmas Anytime

I love this idea for table centerpieces so much that I used it at my wedding! You will need to have christmas balls on hand, but you don't need to use christmas colors. Go for any color you want! Fill large glass vases with colored balls in different sizes. You will end up with very unique and eye catching centerpieces for your tables!


Mason Jars

I love this idea for table centerpieces! It's perfect for a country theme. You will need a mason jar for each table. Tie a straw ribbon around the top and make a bow. Fill the jar halfway with stones and pebbles, then fill the jar to the top with water. It's cute, tranquil and unique!


Floating Candles

If you crave an idea for a table centerpiece that suggests class and elegance, look no further! All you need are some pretty glass vases. Drop a few fresh flowers of your choice into the bottom, then fill the jar with water. Drop a floating candle on top and light it. Several of these grouped together in different sizes make a gorgeous statement!



For a fun, colorful and whimsical idea for a table centerpiece, why not try pinwheels? You can either make them yourself, or purchase them already made and stick a handful into each vase or jar. After the party, pass out the pinwheels as favors!



Lanterns are a very cute and chic idea for a table centerpiece. You can go in several directions here. Some types of lanterns suggest vintage themes, other type are very modern and funky. You could even go for a chinese paper lantern with colored designs on the side!


Wine Bottle Vase

I love this DIY idea for a table centerpiece! All you need is some spray paint, and an old wine bottle. Wash off the wine label, then spray paint the bottle in the color of your choice. Now, stick one flower of your choice-Lilies, roses and orchids are all good starts-into the bottle and stick it in the center of your table. Perfect!


Picture Frames

For a very sentimental and highly personal idea for a table centerpiece, try pictures! Group several photos in nice frames together on a table and sprinkle flower petals around them. Making all the photos black and white would be a lovely touch!

With these Ideas For Table Centerpieces, you won't need to go any further! There is something here for nearly every personality and every occasion. Do you have any great ideas for table centerpieces that you would love to share? I always love to find new ideas for table centerpieces, and I'm sure our readers do too. Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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