15 Chic and Cool DIY Clocks ...


15 Chic and Cool DIY Clocks ...
15 Chic and Cool DIY Clocks ...

DIY Clocks can make any wall in your house look 10x more interesting. Making DIY clocks is something that I really enjoy doing. If I remember correctly, I have turned a CD, a framed fabric, and a Calvin and Hobbes painting into clocks. For those who have never tried this, here are 14 DIY clock ideas to get the ball rolling.

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Asterisk If you're looking for a classic mid-century piece, this asterisk** DIY clock** is a great idea. Isn't it lovely? To make the base of this clock, you will need hardboard and a PVC pipe. Check out the link for the complete tutorial.



Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock Want to make these incredibly adorable handmade clocks? Yep, I don't think you will be saying no to the opportunity. Download the instructions after the link.



Time for Reading

Time for Reading A book turned into a clock? It amazes me that I have not thought of this idea. If you have a book with the most interesting cover, this clock idea is for you.



Wood Clock

Wood Clock Here is another fun craft project using wood. This** handmade clock** will be perfect for that cabin style room you're planning for your son.



Pottery Barn-Inspired

Pottery Barn-Inspired Don't you just love tutorials that help you copy very expensive items sold in stores? This particular** DIY clock idea** is perfect for those who have been thinking of buying a rustic clock from Pottery Barn.



Blooming Frame

Blooming Frame Isn't this pretty? What Jenni did with this clock was prettify the frame. Using Mod Podge and a bit of fabric, you can turn any plain clock into something girly and more fun.



Paper Plate

Paper Plate You know how some paper plates have the cutest designs? You can use them to make a simple but adorable clock. Make sure that you use a cheerful paper plate clock base; the more colorful, the better.



Pretty Paper

Pretty Paper This** DIY clock idea** is all kinds of amazing. From Kate: This is one of the easiest projects i have made to date, and these nifty clocks have endless possibilities for customization. Sounds like my kind of craft project.



Warm Frame

Warm Frame If you're thinking of what knitting project to tackle next, turn your head to that wall clock in the living room. It looks cold, doesn't it? Well, what are you waiting for? Knit a frame warmer for it!




Medallion This is, hands down, my favorite among these DIY clocks. It's a perfect combination of chic and Victorian, isn't it? I will most probably make something similar to replace the framed fabric clock in our bedroom.




Frames Any framed piece of art can be repurposed into a clock. But why use only one framed piece when you can utilize two?



Meal Time

Meal Time I have a store-bought version of this clock in our kitchen. But because one of our cats has bent one spoon as she was chasing after a poor bug, I might just give this DIY clock tutorial a go.



Junk Mail

Junk Mail Don't throw away those junk mails you get; there might just be some crafty projects you can do using the paper. This starburst clock is one example. Design variation: use clock hands that stand out.



House Numbers

House Numbers When we moved to our new flat several months ago, I had this plan of making a giant wall clock using house numbers. Turns out that house numbers are hard to find our city. If you have them in abundance, give this tutorial a go.



Faux Cuckoo

Faux Cuckoo If the cuckoo clock above is a tad complicated, this faux one is for you. It's a great combination of modern and whimsical.


I reckon it's high time you make a handmade clock. Be inspired by one of these DIY clock ideas to find the best design for your home. Whether your style is colorful, whimsical, or minimalist chic, there is something here that you will like.

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