Totally Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Teens ...


Totally Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Teens ...
Totally Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Teens ...

Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for teens? Easter is just around the corner and you might have a teen in your life that still loves getting an Easter basket. Even if your teen is just a young one or getting ready to become an adult, there's something about the magic of an Easter basket that never really goes away. Each of the baskets here comes with a super easy DIY so you can put together the perfect Easter basket for teens of all ages. So, without further ado, here are the best Easter basket ideas for teens.

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Stationery Gift Basket

This is an idea that's workable for both boys and girls. Teens are always having to write things down, whether for school or when passing notes to friends. This Easter, help them get the job done.


Baseball Easter Basket

Got a teen boy in your life? He will adore this baseball themed Easter basket. It's filled with all things ball related and is ideal for the spring season.


Movie and Candy Basket

Teens, both girls and boys, love watching movies and eating candy. Putting together a movie and snacks basket will make Easter super special for the teen in your life this year.


Teen Activities Basket

This basket is filled with activities to keep your teen entertained. Choose playing cards, stickers, yarn, coloring books colored pencils, etc. You can modify this basket so it's perfect for a boy or a girl.


Candy Basket

No matter their age, teens will always love candy. That's why putting together an Easter basekt filled with treats is so much fun.


Beach Towel Bunny

Use this handy video to fold a beach towel into a cute Easter bunny. This idea is perfect for tweens and teens, boys and girls.


Pink and Purple

Teen girls of all ages love pink and purple, but this idea is exceptional for a younger one. The colors are fun and the loot inside includes candy, nail polish, and other spa stuff.



Coffee Gift Basket

Many older teens love sipping their coffee in the morning. This gift basket idea is loaded with related items, such as a mug, coffee samples or even a Starbucks gift card.


Emoji Gift Basket

Teens love using emojis so this basket makes total sense. There are so many emoji themed items so you should have no trouble finding just what your teen loves.


Miniature Easter Basket

If you're trying to impress your teen or just want to try something new, this miniature Easter basket is a really fun idea. You can easily modify it for boys or girls and they'll get a kick out of it on Easter morning.


Beauty Bunny Basket

This adorable little basket is packed with all the things that younger tween girls love best. You can't go wrong with nail polish, lotions and makeup when it comes to teen girls.


Pastel Gift Basket

This is a super fun idea for teen girls, no matter their age. Girls love lip balm, nail polish and fun accessories so toss together the ones your teen loves best and you'll be their favorite Easter bunny.

Which of these Easter baskets will your teen love most?

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