31 Best Father's Day Gifts under 100 for Girls on a Budget ...


31 Best Father's Day  Gifts under 100 for Girls on a Budget ...
31 Best Father's Day  Gifts under 100 for Girls on a Budget ...

Looking for Father's Day gifts under $100? **Father's Day is just around the corner and that means you're probably in the market for something great to give your dad this year. No matter what he likes, there's sure to be something on this list that will make him smile. If you want your dad to have the best day ever, you can do that by spending the day with him. But, if you want to make it even more special, try one of these **Father's Day Gifts under $100. He's going to love it!

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For the Beer Lover

beer bottle, bottle, product, glass bottle, food, Don't let the ceiling of the fridge go to waste. Help dad turn it into his mini bar with these handy magnetic strips that easily suspend beer bottles. ($38; uncommongoods.com)


For the Outdoorsman

hammock, product, tent, net, This double hammock is lightweight, sturdy, and easy for travel — which makes it great for dad's next camping trip. ($36; amazon.com)


For the Foodie

product, Speaking of camping, who wants to be stuck out in the middle of the woods without the means to make a grilled cheese sandwich? This stainless steel utensil will get the job done. ($25; uncommongoods.com)


For the Watch Lover

watch, watch strap, watch accessory, hand, strap, Sometimes you need to swap your nice, expensive watch for a weekend version, and this snazzy strap version from Timex will cover all his time-telling needs. ($29; amazon.com)


For the Techie

product, small appliance, kitchen appliance, machine, mixer, Dad has never made waffles like this before. The futuristic gadget has a vertical design that makes fluffy and delicious Belgian waffles. Plus, it's super fun to use. ($52; amazon.com)


For the Funny Guy

footwear, brown, hairstyle, product, shoe, What dad doesn't love slippers? Trick question: All dads love slippers. Especially when they look like hairy cavemen feet. ($19; amazon.com)


For the Outdoorsman

man made object, product, wood, furniture, Just because he'll be spending a lot of weekends in the woods this summer doesn't mean he should be without his coffee. This on-the-go solo coffee maker will make it easy to prepare his favorite brew when he's without electricity. ($26; bushsmarts.com)


For the Outdoorsman

yellow, product, lighting, bottle, incandescent light bulb, A mod-color kerosene lamp is perfect for both a blackout and entertaining on the deck. ($39; kaufmann-mercantile.com)


For the Outdoorsman

bottle, plastic bottle, drinkware, Regular flasks are clunky, but this light-weight version in his favorite color won't put a damper on his next bakcpacking trip. ($12; bushsmarts.com)


For the Fine Foodie

caffeine, food, flavor, It's like Sriracha, but with a bit of tang to spice up his summer BBQs. ($14; heatonist.com)


For the Fine Foodie

food, meal, produce, dish, sense, Eating healthy isn't unmanly, per say. But this book makes it a whole lot more fun. ($12; amazon.com)


For the Athlete or Gym Junkie

headphones, audio equipment, gadget, electronic device, technology, Dad can answer the phone and flip through his playlist with these super-techy headphones. ($40; coloud.com)


For the Athlete or Gym Junkie

ball, sports equipment, ball, He can pretend he's Peyton Manning long after sundown with a light-up football. ($29.95; rebootsports.com)


For the Amateur Mixologist

alcoholic beverage, drink, distilled beverage, wine, wine bottle, Present him with the crispest new addition from The Dreaming Tree — musician Dave Matthew's and winemaker Sean McKenzie's California-based wine collection. ($15; dreamingtreewines.com)


For the Amateur Mixologist

alcoholic beverage, drink, wine, distilled beverage, liqueur, Mark West California Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied, fruity red with scents of spice, dark fruit and cassis, and notes of savory and smoky oak. Rich in texture with a lingering finish, this versatile wine is delicious on its own or paired with dad's favorite summer grilling recipes. Whether you gift a bottle or a case, it's a wine he is sure to love. ($132; markwestwines.com)


For the Amateur Mixologist

distilled beverage, liqueur, drink, whisky, food, Keep it classy and sip this while watching Anchorman. Again. ($30; caskers.com)


For the Amateur Mixologist

alcoholic beverage, wine, drink, wine bottle, liqueur, It's not bourbon, it's not wine – it's a little of both, and a Father's Day jackpot. (prices vary; robertMondaviprivateselection.com)


For the Amateur Mixologist

distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, drink, liqueur, whisky, Now he can have gin in the cabinet just like his dad did. And a good one at that. ($40; binnys.com)


For the Pampered Man

lotion, cosmetics, perfume, Yup, you're reading the name of this cologne right: made with the scents of musk, vanilla, and tobacco, it'll remind him of his favorite jazz club from back in the day. And if you feel like splurging, you can't go wrong with the full size bottle. ($28 for .34 oz; sephora.com)


For the Pampered Man

brush, While there's nothing wrong with his one-and-done razors from the pharmacy, you can show him your love with a set he won't have to replace daily. (Even better: it'll look great in his...or your...bathroom). ($81; kohls.com)


For the Pampered Man

skin, product, lotion, hand, Infused with the refreshing scent of menthol, eucalyptus, rosemary, and moisturizing essential oils, this all-natural shave tonic isn't his average skin product – in a good way. ($18; urbanoutfitters.com)


For the Pampered Man

cartoon, microphone, technology, audio equipment, Women aren't the only ones who want high tech beauty gadgets. Case and point: this deep cleansing brush from Clinique for Men. ($89.50; clinique.com)


For the Fashionable Guy on-the-Go

bag, handbag, maroon, shoulder bag, magenta, This may look like your average duffle bag, but fear not: there's an extra, secret bottom compartment for his sneakers, and it'll make packing for those weekend getaways that much less stressful. ($85; urbanoutffiters.com)


For the Fashionable Guy on-the-Go

sock, fashion accessory, outdoor shoe, textile, Festive, colorful prints will make for happy feet. ($7-10 per pair; goldtoe.com)


For the Fashionable Guy on-the-Go

footwear, shoe, sneakers, white, walking shoe, A classic white sneaker, revamped with a bold splash of color. ($45; finishline.com)


For the Fashionable Guy on-the-Go

mobile phone accessories, product, mobile phone case, telephony, technology, He'll be ever sleek and always fully charged. ($100; bestbuy.com)


For the Book Worm

poster, advertising, cartoon, brand, Richard Russo returns with the much anticipated spin-off to his 1993 novel, Nobody's Fool, by introducing readers to Sully's new lift in upstate New York. After being told by a cardiologist he only has a few years left to live, he grapples with how to spend it, and most importantly: how to tell his wife. Filled with humor and heart, this book will be the beach read he'll want this summer. ($11; amazon.com)


For the Boatsman

man made object, furniture, product, bed, play, He'll get extra storage out of this mini shelf — without a docking fee. ($42; moose-r-us.com)


For the Book Worm

sign, brand, shape, banner, signage, The perfect Father's Day gift for dads with young kids! The Picture Book Club has put together a selection of their favorite picture books starring fathers and children. The books, appropriate for children up to age 5, arrive gift-wrapped and accompanied by personalized book plates. For every package sold, The Picture Book Club will also donate a book to an organization working with fathers in need. ($50; thepicturebookclub.com)


For the Veteran

brand, Cards to make poker night more meaningful: For each deck sold, a donation is made to help support injured service members. ($3; shopbicyclecards.com)


For Your Dad

giraffe, giraffidae, font, illustration, animal figure, You're never too old to let your dad know you're his little one. ($4.50; jfalkner.com)

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