15 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day ...


15 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day  ...
15 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day  ...

I’ve come up with some unique gift ideas for Father’s Day that he’ll love, so this year we don't have to see that look on dad's face when he opens up yet another tie! Whether the man in your life is your dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, or friend, you don’t want to miss out on how to make him feel loved. They do so much for us, so why not show our appreciation with these unique gift ideas for Father’s Day...

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Shrinky Dink Tie Tacks

fashion accessory, finger, hand, jewellery, ring, If the dad in your life wear a tie to work, this fun little project lets him take a piece of his family with him. What you'll do is use photos of the family and a shrinky dink kit to turn them into miniatures. You can then attach a pin to the back so Dad can hold his tie in place all day long. To get the smiles started, head over to ohhappyday.com to get started.


Jack and Coke Cake

dessert, chocolate, food, chocolate spread, snack cake, This delicious cake from our friends at brit.co is perfect for your Jack and Coke drinking dad. This spiked treat is not for sharing with the kids, but he shouldn't have to because it's Father's Day. The cake is easy to make and you can serve it in small mugs so he can have a piece for several days to come. Yum!


Diy Handwarmers

product, product, font, pattern, box, For any camp loving dad comes these hand warmers that will keep him toasty while he roughs it in his tent. They're also great for when winter comes and he's outside shoveling snow or pulling the sled. You'll be surprised at how simple these are to make and it's really fun to customize the fabric base on what your dad loves. Head on over to raeannkelly.com and make some of your own.


Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

whipped cream, cream, dairy product, crème fraîche, flavor, Dads like to be pampered too so why not show dad how much you care with this DIY shaving cream from foodformyfamily.com It has a manly scent that you won't find at the drugstore and helps all the dads in your life get that close shave they want so much. You'll definitely be the star of the gift giving show this year!


Homemade BBQ Sauce

food,produce,fruit,canning, Usually when it comes to BBQ gift ideas for Father’s Day we think of grill sets that come with utensils and store bought sauce for the grill master. However, this year why not kick it up a notch and make your very own homemade BBQ sauce set for dad! I love the idea of not only making the sauce for him, but also personalizing the brush as well. This would make a great gift for your own dad, or for brothers, uncles, and grandpa’s who love to grill too! Check out the recipe and idea over on innerchildfun.com.


Dinosaur Planter

yellow,tool,DEWALT,12V,MAX, Don’t just get dad another planter for his office, make him a kickass dinosaur one! Spray painted toy animals are becoming very popular, they bring back childhood memories in a very chic and sophisticated way. This unique gift idea for Father’s Day is a great way for younger kids to give dad a little piece of them while he is at work, plus all his coworkers will be asking where they can get a dinosaur planter too! Check out the How-To on themagiconions.com.


Super Dad Pop Box Set

food,dish,produce,canning,meal, I know a certain someone who would love to receive this for Father’s Day this year; hint hint, kids! What guy doesn’t love superheroes and candy! Make the guy in your life feel like a superhero with this fun DIY from lilluna.com, and why not throw in a few movie tickets or a coupon to rent one of his favorite Spider-Man or Batman movies.


Upcycled Coffee Sleeve

product,design,brand,pattern,FATHER'S, Show dad you listened to him when he taught you about the three Rs -- Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle -- when you DIY an upcycled coffee sleeve for him. You can personalize it with your favorite quote, a funny inside joke, or even put a photo of you two together on it. He will never leave the house without his Father’s Day coffee sleeve that has you on it! Stop by club.chicacircle.com to see the tutorial.


All about My Dad

font,brand,ALL,ABOUT,DADDY, I am head over heels in love with this unique gift idea for Father’s Day. What a great idea to make up a questionnaire for your little one to answer things all about his/her dad! Take a closer look and you’ll see that this sweet child thought her dad was 10 feet tall and weighed 46 pounds! It’s so interesting to see from a child’s perspective what their their parents look like, where they like to go, and what TV shows and music they like. Check out daffodildesign.com for the printable template.


Engraved Mousepad

product,drum, Most of us use laptops instead of desktop computers. However, if your dad still has an old-fashioned setup, then you should create a mousepad for him to use by following the instructions on abubblylife.com. Whenever he logs on, he'll be reminded of how thoughtful his favorite daughter is.


Phone Case Card Holder

fashion accessory,gadget,mobile phone,hand,strap, Instead of lugging around his phone and his wallet, you can help him combine the two. Check out mywhiteideadiy.com.es to find instructions on how to create a phone case that doubles as a cardholder. There's nothing more useful in this day and age.


DIY Scratch off Cards

brand,design,label,secret,aavings, This is about the cleverest gift you could get a person. Instead of just giving your dad a hug and kiss, let him win a hug and kiss on a scratch-off ticket. Learn how to pull the move off by checking out thewonderforest.com.


Mustache Mug

cup,coffee cup,saucer,drink,ceramic, This present is the easiest one to create, and it won't take you long, so it's a perfect last-minute gift. Head to fromthetortoiseandthehare.blogspot.com to find details on how to transform any old cup into an adorable one with a little mustache. Whether or not your pop has facial hair, he's sure to appreciate the present.


Lego Cufflinks

fashion accessory,silver,jewellery,metal,material, Everyone is a kid at heart. That's why your dad would love a set of lego cufflinks to wear to the office. That way, even though he's working hard as a responsible adult, he'll have a little reminder that he should have some childish fun every once in a while. Go to dreamalittlebigger.com for details.


Button Bow Tie

black,white,photograph,black and white,person, This one is a bit silly, but it's a cute idea. Head to morningcreativity.com to find instructions on how to create a bow tie made entirely out of buttons. Your dad is bound to be the only one in town who owns one of these babies.

What are some unique gift ideas for Father’s Day that you have planned? Are these gift ideas for Father’s Day ones that you would consider?

This article was written in collaboration with Holly Riordan.

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