25 Best Amazon Gifts for Father's Day ...


I swear Amazon is a wonderful and dangerous place! They have literally anything you could think of, which is why this list of Father's Day gifts on Amazon is perfect for those struggling for ideas! Check it out for some inspiration or even buy straight from the link and give him a gift he wants, never knew he needed, and beyond deserves!

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Indoor Grill

hand, small appliance, Just because it's rainy outside doesn't mean he can't whip out the grill. This indoor version is the perfect solution. ($89.00; amazon.com)


Classic Backpack

bag, backpack, electric blue, This backpack isn't just a trendy way to hold his stuff — it's also a great way to tote around the kids' toys and books when he's on dad duty. ($75.58; amazon.com)


Gamer Ice Tray

yellow, circle, label, rectangle, number, Have a gamer in your life? Any nerd is sure to love an ice tray that reminds them of one of their old favorites. ($39.99; amazon.com)


Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

clothing, red, organ, mouth, arm, Because cooking with claw hands is way more fun than cooking without them. Any funny guy will love a silly upgrade to his oven mitts. ($13.80; amazon.com)


Sleek Record Player

product, gas stove, This record player not only allows him to play his old records, but it also turns them into digital music files to enjoy anywhere. ($57.51; amazon.com)


Sporty Jacket

hood, clothing, black, jacket, outerwear, Every guy needs a stylish windbreaker they can throw on when the kids want to play outside, and this one from Adidas looks good on everyone. ($60-$148; amazon.com)


Donut Mug

fashion accessory, circle, jewellery, Donuts taste so good you might as well drink out of them, too. This clever mug is sure to put a smile on any pastry-lover's face. ($12.99; amazon.com)


Weekender Watch

watch, watch strap, watch accessory, strap, hand, This leather slip-on watch is a lightweight option for the summer. ($85.60; amazon.com)


Wireless Headphones

headphones, gadget, product, audio equipment, headset, He can connect to his devices easily with Bluetooth and NFC pairing with these new sweat and weather-resistant headphones from Bose. There's also an inline mic and remote to control volume, skip tracks, and take calls from you. ($149.00; amazon.com)


New Shades

eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, vision care, fashion accessory, Help him beat the sun. Pick out a banging pair of sunglasses like these from Carrera. ($53.80; amazon.com)


Beer Bottle Coolers

beer bottle, bottle, wine bottle, distilled beverage, drink, Perfect for those hot summer tailgates and cookouts, he'll be glad to have one of these bad boys in his brew, keeping every swig cold despite the high temps. ($19.95; amazon.com)


Golf Driver Tracking System

product, gadget, multimedia, technology, electronics, For the golf-lover: Arccos Driver automatically tracks every drive hit, providing precise distances in real-time, and will analyze all of his driving stats from distance to accuracy. ($28.50; amazon.com)


Life-Saving Portable Phone Charger

technology, electronic device, product, electronics, electronics accessory, It's perfect for keeping in the briefcase, at work... or wherever, really. He'll never have to worry about his phone dying, and you won't have to deal with him "borrowing" your charger again. ($32.99; amazon.com)


DIY Beer Making Equipment

brand, Brew connoisseurs will jump at the chance to whip up their own batch of IPA, wheat, or porter this summer. ($39.95; amazon.com)


Liquor on the Rocks

glass, drink, money, distilled beverage, He'll be obsessed with these cool-looking stones that he can easily put in the freezer, plop in his glass, and use to cool off his sip. ($100.00; amazon.com)


Football-Themed Grill Tools

product, tool, Even though his favorite team is in the off-season, he'll always be game to grill up a storm with these cookout essentials. ($43.99; amazon.com)


A Funny Cup of Joe

mug, cup, coffee cup, product, drinkware, Forget collecting mugs of all the places you've traveled to — your man just needs one that captures the struggle of being under-caffeinated in a very real way. ($25.98; amazon.com)


International Spice Set

glass bottle, bottle, drink, drinkware, produce, For a guy who loves to cook, an array of gourmet flavor-packed spices is the perfect way to let him experiment in the kitchen. ($44.94; amazon.com)


Daddy Vouchers

product, label, brand, advertising, Instead of the kiddos giving him yet another tie (one he's sure to love, of course), have them gift this fun book of discounts. There's no way he won't appreciate all the free car washes, cake, and cut and shave sessions that await. ($7.95; amazon.com)


A Beer Carry-All

man made object, product, wood, wine bottle, box, Every time he fills this hand crafted 6-pack container for guys' weekends and camping trips, you'll score major wife points. ($34.95; amazon.com)


Cookout Meat Set

golf club, tool, measuring instrument, You really don't have to settle for overdone steaks — turn him into a grill master with tools fit for a barbecue king. ($21.99; amazon.com)


Fun Cooking Apron

clothing, sleeve, product, outerwear, t shirt, He may not be your father (sorry, had to), but there's really no other holiday that's more perfect for buying geeky Star Wars-themed presents than this one. ($10.73; amazon.com)


Splash-Proof Speaker

electronics accessory, hand, finger, technology, cable, Whether he prefers the beach or his backyard, these durable, cordless speakers take his music anywhere he wants. ($13.21; amazon.com)


Whiskey Lover's Glass Kit

perfume, sketch, bottle, drawing, distilled beverage, Channel his inner Don Draper and add a classy flare to his junk room — er, man cave — with this Mad Men-esque glass set. ($31.99; amazon.com)


Smart Fitness Watch

watch, hand, product, arm, gadget, Help him maximize his workouts with this watch from Fitbit. PurePulse continuous heart rate and multi-sport modes enhance every exercise, while features like Connected GPS and FitStar workouts help bump fitness to the next level. It even comes with a hi-res color touchscreen. ($158.95; amazon.com)

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