Fabulous Bath Buys from Lush for Dad on Father's Day ...


Fabulous Bath Buys from Lush for Dad on Father's Day  ...
Fabulous Bath Buys from Lush for Dad on Father's Day  ...

Just because he's a man doesn't mean that your dad wouldn't love something that pampers him this Father's Day. There are some really great Lush products for Father's Day gifts we're sure dads everywhere will love. Each of these really cool products shows Dad that you love him and allows him to take a well-deserved break. They might be bath products, but they're totally manly and really cool. You're definitely going to be the favorite this year when you present these Lush gifts for Father's Day.

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Superdad Bath Bomb

pattern, lushusa.com


The Modfather Bubble Bar

food, produce, hand, dessert, ball, lushusa.com


Deep Sleep Shower Jelly

product, flavor, product, ingredient, lushusa.com


Dirty Springwash Naked Shower Gel

product, product, liquid, hair care, lotion, lushusa.com


Dirty Body Spray

product, product, spray, lushusa.com


Naked Beard Oil

orange, lushusa.com


Hottie Massage Bar

beyaz peynir, pecorino romano, flavor, lushusa.com


Moustachio Soap

yellow, font, rectangle, product, red, black, product, font, rectangle, lushusa.com


Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash

product, product, lushusa.com


Dirty Shaving Cream

product, product, cream, flavor, cream, lushusa.com


Go Ape Knot Wrap

fauna, green, ecosystem, organism, grass, lushusa.com

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