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80 Amazing Gifts Ideas for Any Occasion ...

By Olga

Table of contents:

  1. Moss + sedum vertical terrarium bottle
  2. Nasa logo embroidered patch, white and red
  3. Nasa logo embroidered patch, black and yellow
  4. Back to the roots aquafarm
  5. Bambeco sedum terrarium bottle
  6. Chive, hudson wall hanging glass vase
  7. Great yoga retreats
  8. Now pine essential oil 1oz, pack of 2
  9. Chive swayzak, ceramic flower vase and air plant holder
  10. Eco house book
  11. Hinoki sake box, set of 4, made in japan
  12. Blomus verdo watering can, 4в litres
  13. Boskke cube large planter, clear
  14. Eames style daw patchwork fabric upholstered armchair
  15. The happiness project
  16. Lungo watering can (pink)
  17. 14,000 things to be happy about.: revised and updated edition
  18. Hinterland trading medusa air plant in ceramic vase
  19. Mohzy petal mini solar light
  20. Original buddha board, master the art of letting go
  21. Poster "get shit done", 18x24
  22. Chive hudson wall-hanging glass flower vase
  23. Haws v200 10-ounce plant mister, brass
  24. Maika market tote bag, woven grey
  25. Introducing mindfulness: a practical guide
  26. Premium organic matcha green tea powder from uji kyoto japan
  27. Natural living acacia wood nut bowl and nut cracker
  28. Muji humidifier compact small ultrasonic waves humidifier
  29. Alessi diva watering can, black
  30. Present time pink dipped ceramic totem vase
  31. Chive succulent cup, air plant and succulent holder
  32. Full circle vision globe color: black
  33. Remember, be here now
  34. Sagaform stoneware herb pot trio
  35. The plant recipe book
  36. Homart pierre faceted glass terrarium, large, 1-count
  37. Achla designs brass watering can
  38. Olive wood rustic bowls, set of 3
  39. Hand carved reclaimed fir wood bowl
  40. Vegetal chair, a stackable chair by vitra
  41. Crystal allies gallery: pair of 3lbs polished agate geode halves bookends w/ authentic crystal allies stone card (teal)
  42. Boskke cube clear plant pot
  43. Nordic style handmade kuksa wooden cups, set of 2
  44. Menu rubber vase
  45. Boskke cube 3 small planters, clear
  46. Hinterland trading footed ceramic orange glazed candle holder, teardrop
  47. Cuisipro herb keeper
  48. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: an inquiry into values
  49. Diy furniture: a step-by-step guide
  50. How to make [almost] everything
  51. Sagaform stoneware herb pot
  52. Juniper ridge white sage & wild mint tea
  53. Kindle paperwhite, 6" high resolution display
  54. Prepara herb savor
  55. 100% pure tea tree oil good 'n natural 2 oz oil
  56. Massive change, bruce mau
  57. Utopia forever: visions of architecture and urbanism
  58. Juniper ridge siskiyou cedar campfire incense
  59. Torre & tagus the wrinkled square vase, tall
  60. 3b scientific plastic human skull model
  61. Acapulco modern steel lounge chair
  62. Fast food nation: the dark side of the all-american meal
  63. Paint tube wringer heavy duty
  64. Parrot flower power, wireless indoor/outdoor bluetooth smart plant sensor with free dedicated app - blue
  65. Vegetables from an italian garden
  66. Love and math: the heart of hidden reality
  67. Salsa garden seeds kit, 10 easy to grow vegetables
  68. 1.4l yellow watering can

1 Moss + Sedum Vertical Terrarium Bottle

$42 on Amazon

2 NASA Logo Embroidered Patch, White and Red

$5 on Amazon

3 NASA Logo Embroidered Patch, Black and Yellow

$9 on Amazon

4 Back to the Roots AquaFarm

$53 on Amazon

5 Bambeco Sedum Terrarium Bottle

$39 on Amazon

6 Chive, Hudson Wall Hanging Glass Vase

$11 on Amazon

7 Great Yoga Retreats

$15 on Amazon

8 Now Pine Essential Oil 1oz, Pack of 2

$13 on Amazon

10 Chive Swayzak, Ceramic Flower Vase and Air Plant Holder

$14 on Amazon

11 Eco House Book

$19 on Amazon

12 Hinoki Sake Box, Set of 4, Made in Japan

$19 on Amazon

14 Blomus Verdo Watering Can, 4В Litres

$115 on Amazon

15 Boskke Cube Large Planter, Clear

$40 on Amazon

16 Eames Style DAW Patchwork Fabric Upholstered Armchair

$160 on Amazon

17 The Happiness Project

$19 on Amazon

20 Lungo Watering Can (Pink)

$35 on Amazon

21 14,000 Things to Be Happy about.: Revised and Updated Edition

$3 on Amazon

22 Hinterland Trading Medusa Air Plant in Ceramic Vase

$11 on Amazon

23 Mohzy Petal Mini Solar Light

$12 on Amazon

24 Original Buddha Board, Master the Art of Letting Go

$35 on Amazon

25 Poster "Get Shit Done", 18x24

$19 on Amazon

26 Chive Hudson Wall-Hanging Glass Flower Vase

$37 on Amazon

27 Haws V200 10-Ounce Plant Mister, Brass

$32 on Amazon

28 Maika Market Tote Bag, Woven Grey

$33 on Amazon

29 Introducing Mindfulness: a Practical Guide

$10 on Amazon

30 Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder from Uji Kyoto Japan

$9 on Amazon

31 Natural Living Acacia Wood Nut Bowl and Nut Cracker

$40 on Amazon

32 Muji Humidifier Compact Small Ultrasonic Waves Humidifier

$110 on Amazon

33 Alessi Diva Watering Can, Black

$51 on Amazon

35 Present Time Pink Dipped Ceramic Totem Vase

$40 on Amazon

37 Chive Succulent Cup, Air Plant and Succulent Holder

$7 on Amazon

38 Full Circle Vision Globe Color: Black

$225 on Amazon

39 Remember, Be Here Now

$9 on Amazon

40 Sagaform Stoneware Herb Pot Trio

$67 on Amazon

41 The Plant Recipe Book

$19 on Amazon

42 HomArt Pierre Faceted Glass Terrarium, Large, 1-Count

$67 on Amazon

43 Achla Designs Brass Watering Can

$43 on Amazon

44 Olive Wood Rustic Bowls, Set of 3

$25 on Amazon

45 Hand Carved Reclaimed Fir Wood Bowl

$33 on Amazon

46 Vegetal Chair, a Stackable Chair by Vitra

$650 on Amazon

47 Crystal Allies Gallery: Pair of 3lbs Polished Agate Geode Halves Bookends W/ Authentic Crystal Allies Stone Card (Teal)

$22 on Amazon

48 Boskke Cube Clear Plant Pot

$25 on Amazon

49 Nordic Style Handmade Kuksa Wooden Cups, Set of 2

$16 on Amazon

50 Menu Rubber Vase

$35 on Amazon

51 Boskke Cube 3 Small Planters, Clear

$60 on Amazon

52 Hinterland Trading Footed Ceramic Orange Glazed Candle Holder, Teardrop

$7 on Amazon

53 Cuisipro Herb Keeper

$24 on Amazon

54 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: an Inquiry into Values

$14 on Amazon

55 DIY Furniture: a Step-by-Step Guide

$19 on Amazon

57 How to Make [Almost] Everything

$18 on Amazon

58 Sagaform Stoneware Herb Pot

$29 on Amazon

59 Juniper Ridge White Sage & Wild Mint Tea

$16 on Amazon

61 Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display

$140 on Amazon

62 Prepara Herb Savor

$23 on Amazon

63 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Good 'N Natural 2 Oz Oil

$10 on Amazon

64 Massive Change, Bruce Mau

$29 on Amazon

65 Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism

$48 on Amazon

66 Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Cedar Campfire Incense

$10 on Amazon

67 Torre & Tagus the Wrinkled Square Vase, Tall

$31 on Amazon

70 3B Scientific Plastic Human Skull Model

$88 on Amazon

71 Acapulco Modern Steel Lounge Chair

$400 on Amazon

72 Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All-American Meal

$10 on Amazon

73 Paint Tube Wringer Heavy Duty

$22 on Amazon

74 Parrot Flower Power, Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor with Free Dedicated App - Blue

$60 on Amazon

76 Vegetables from an Italian Garden

$26 on Amazon

77 Love and Math: the Heart of Hidden Reality

$8 on Amazon

78 Salsa Garden Seeds Kit, 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

$15 on Amazon

80 1.4L Yellow Watering Can

$19 on Amazon

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