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17 Christmas Hacks to Make the Holidays Easier ...

By Holly

The holidays are plenty of fun, but they can become pretty stressful. Here are a few Christmas hacks that are meant to make the holidays easier on you:

Table of contents:

  1. Label gifts with pictures of the person
  2. Make cookie cutters into ornaments by wrapping them with paper
  3. Make scrabble tiles into place settings
  4. Use craft sticks to make a tree topper
  5. Store ornaments in egg cartons
  6. Wrap gifts with fabric
  7. Use green tinsel to make the tree look fuller
  8. Wrap lights around a hanger to reduce tangles
  9. Put icing into condiment bottles
  10. Use cookie cutters for brownies, too
  11. Place wrapping paper in a waste basket
  12. Use double sided tape to make gifts look better
  13. Place a label on gift cards to keep track of money
  14. Use a toilet paper roll to hold together wrapping paper
  15. Hang ornaments with zip ties
  16. Use a paper clip on the tape roll
  17. Use toothpaste to remove sap from hands

1 Label Gifts with Pictures of the Person
If you want to make your presents look extra adorable, don't label them with the person's name. Print out a picture of them instead and tape it to the gift.

2 Make Cookie Cutters into Ornaments by Wrapping Them with Paper

If you're never going to bake, wrap your cookie cutters up in wrapping paper. Then you can hang them from your tree!

3 Make Scrabble Tiles into Place Settings

If you're hosting for the holidays, you can use Scrabble tiles to write out everyone's name. Then place the tiles in front of the chair they're mean to use.

4 Use Craft Sticks to Make a Tree Topper

Instead of buying a new tree topper, you can make one out of craft sticks. Just hot glue them together to create a star.

5 Store Ornaments in Egg Cartons

If you don't have anywhere to put your ornaments, stick them in egg cartons. That way, they'll be separated into separate compartments, so they won't get tangled.

6 Wrap Gifts with Fabric

If you don't want to buy wrapping paper, wrap them in fabric. Then you can reuse that fabric next year.

7 Use Green Tinsel to Make the Tree Look Fuller

If your tree is looking a little thin, get a bunch of green tinsel. Wrap it around the empty spots on the tree and it'll create the illusion that it's fuller.

8 Wrap Lights around a Hanger to Reduce Tangles

Don't you hate when your lights get all tangled up? That's why you should grab a hanger and wrap your lights around it when it's time to put them away for the year.

9 Put Icing into Condiment Bottles

If you put your icing into condiment bottles, it'll be easier to squeeze the icing out and make designs on all of your delicious desserts.

10 Use Cookie Cutters for Brownies, Too
Cookie cutters are allowed to touch more than cookies. You can create brownies in different shapes, too.

11 Place Wrapping Paper in a Waste Basket

You don't want a dozen rolls of wrapping paper rolling around your bedroom. That's why you should grab a clean waste basket and place them all inside of it.

12 Use Double Sided Tape to Make Gifts Look Better

If you want your gifts to look perfect, don't let anyone see the tape on the outside of it. Use double sided tape instead.

13 Place a Label on Gift Cards to Keep Track of Money

It's hard to keep track of how much money is left on your gift cards. That's why you should put a label on them as soon as you get them, so you have a place to write down how much money is left on them.

14 Use a Toilet Paper Roll to Hold Together Wrapping Paper

If your tube of wrapping paper keeps coming undone, cut into an old toilet paper roll. Then clamp it over your wrapping paper to keep everything together.

15 Hang Ornaments with Zip Ties

If you can't find any hooks, just use zip ties to hang your ornaments on your tree.

16 Use a Paper Clip on the Tape Roll

Don't you hate when you can't find the end of the tape roll? You'll never have that problem again if you attach the end of it to a little paper clip.

17 Use Toothpaste to Remove Sap from Hands

If you have a real tree, sap will get all over you. To remove it faster, use toothpaste on your hands.

Now your holidays will be better than ever! What other Christmas hacks do you use?

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