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Give Your Hostess One of These Thoughtful Gifts ...

By Eliza

It's a party time of year and chances are you're getting invites to all sorts of holiday soirees. You know that in some cases it's nice to bring the hostess a gift, but it can be hard to come up with something fabulous. If you're at your wit's end right now, consider one of these lovely gifts. It's sure to be her favorite.

Table of contents:

  1. Adorable mugs
  2. Wine stopper
  3. Wine coaster
  4. Salt and pepper shakers
  5. Pie server
  6. Really pretty bottle stopper
  7. Rosemary plant
  8. Mosaic tray
  9. Placemats
  10. Paper coasters
  11. Scented candles
  12. Fresh flowers
  13. Hand towels
  14. #15
  15. Bottle chilling sleeve
  16. Striped hand towel
  17. A family of owls
  18. Bud vase
  19. Cheese markers

1 Adorable Mugs
These mugs are practical, but they are really fun to look at too.

2 Wine Stopper
This lovely wine stopper is the perfect way for your hostess to enjoy all the other bottles of wine she'll get as hostess gifts.

3 Wine Coaster
Here's a great way for your hostess to display wine at the party.

4 Salt and Pepper Shakers
She'll think of you every time she uses these salt and pepper shakers.

5 Pie Server
Pair this with a freshly baked pie and you have a gift for the hostess with the mostess.

6 Really Pretty Bottle Stopper
Here's another bottle stopper she'll love getting as a hostess gift.

7 Rosemary Plant
This plant is beautiful to look at and comes in handy for seasoning food.

8 Mosaic Tray
A gorgeous tray like this one is never a bad hostess gift.

9 Placemats
Give her something lovely to use at her next party. These placemats are perfect.

10 Paper Coasters
These coasters are beautiful and she'll love using them at all of her soirees.

11 Scented Candles
This candle is great for any hostess. She'll love it!

13 Fresh Flowers
You can never go wrong with fresh flowers.

14 Hand Towels
These towels are lovely and useful. The perfect hostess gift!

A barware set is a wonderful hostess gift.

16 Bottle Chilling Sleeve
You know your hostess is going to get a ton of wine and this is a great accompanying gift.

18 Striped Hand Towel
Do you have a hostess that will love this awesome towel?

19 A Family of Owls
This adorable little group of owls will make any hostess smile.

20 Bud Vase
A place for a flower is a great idea for your favorite hostess.

21 Cheese Markers
Don't you just love these?

Which one will you be giving to your hostess friends this holiday season?

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