Make Your Kids Jump for Joy This Christmas with One of These Gifts ...

By Olga

Make Your Kids Jump for Joy This Christmas with One of These Gifts ...

Do you have kids in your life? It's so much fun to shop for the little ones and picking out their holiday gifts can be enjoyable. That doesn't mean it's always easy to know what to get them. Stuck without any ideas? There's something on this list that will make any kid on your list smile.

1 Moon, Earth and Galaxy Night Lights

By Kikkerland $7 on Amazon
No kid will ever be afraid of the dark again with this nightlight.

2 Sixteen Colors

By Crayon Rocks $10 on Amazon
Coloring just went to a whole new level with these crayons.

3 Original Buddah Board the Art of Letting Go

By Original Buddha Board $35 on Amazon
Doesn't this look like fun?

4 Giant Googly Eyes

By Accoutrements $8 on Amazon
Kids will have hours of hilarity with these giant googly eyes.

5 The Art of Nature, Coloring Book

By F+W Media $13 on Amazon
Even older kids will get into coloring with this book filled with detailed images.

6 Blocks & Marbles Standard Set

By Tedco $27 on Amazon
Building and rebuilding marble tracks will provide hours of entertainment.

7 Yoshida Model Airplane Kit, Hishou

By Noted $36 on Amazon
Building this model airplane is like a gift that keeps on giving.

8 Build-on Brick Mug, BPA-free 12oz Coffee Mug

By ThinkGeek $16 on Amazon
Lego loves unite! This mug is fun for adults too!

9 How to Make Origami Airplanes That Fly

By Dover Publications $8 on Amazon
What kid doesn't love making and flying paper airplanes?

10 Kit - Original

By Magnetic Poetry $20 on Amazon
Turn any child into a poetry lover with this set.

11 Cella, Blue

By Naef $205 on Amazon
Do you know a kid that would love this?

12 The Earth, 540 Piece Puzzleball

By Ravensburger $28 on Amazon
Putting this together is just as much fun as displaying it when it's done will be.

13 Cubebot Medium

By Areaware $16 on Amazon
I guarantee you have a little boy that will love this guy!

14 Prism Triad Box Kite, Spectrum

By Prism Kite Technology $18 on Amazon
Go fly a kite! This is a fun way for kids and parents to spend time together.

15 This Book is a Planetarium

$22 on Amazon
Space lovers will not be able to get enough of this fantastic book.

16 Back to the Future Hoverboard

By Mattel $430 on Amazon
Maybe your kids didn't experience the 80s, but this gift can give them a little taste.

17 Crystal Crayons, Set of 6

By Kikkerland $6 on Amazon
What a fun way to create fantastic artwork for your home!

18 Biobu Bamboo Kids Dinnerware Set, Blue

By Ekobo $25 on Amazon
These won't break when your kids drop them on the floor. Perfect!

19 Indie Rock Coloring Book

By Chronicle Books $6 on Amazon
Your kids will love coloring in this book with you.

20 (20x28) Natural History Butterflies Decorative Decoupage Vintage Style Paper Poster Print

By Poster Revolution $5 on Amazon
Got a bug lover on your list? This poster is sure to bring a smile.

21 Evolution: a Coloring Book

$13 on Amazon
This is a fun and fabulous way to color!

22 Travel Dominoe with Muslin Bag

By Walnut Studiolo $35 on Amazon
Teaching your kids how to play dominoes will be fun for both of you.

23 FaceMaker

By Miller Goodman $58 on Amazon
Your child will adore creating new faces with this fun set.

24 Enchanted Forest: an Inky Quest & Coloring Book

By Chronicle Books $10 on Amazon
Here's another coloring book that any kid will love having.

25 Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit Crate

By Melissa & Doug $17 on Amazon
Perfect for when your little one wants to play kitchen or restaurant.

26 Grimm's Color Charts Rally Building Blocks Set, 72 Pcs

By Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design $82 on Amazon
There are so many blocks in this set that any kid could build a huge city.

27 ShapeMaker

By Miller Goodman $73 on Amazon
Foster your child's imagination with this fun set of blocks.

28 52 Piece Original Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Natural

By Tegu $125 on Amazon
These blocks stick together, making them perfect for younger kids.

29 Neon Green Slingshot

By Hella Slingshots $38 on Amazon
Everyone knows a kid who would love playing with this!

30 Wooden City & Town Village of Large Houses

By Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design $105 on Amazon
Building has never been so much fun!

31 Color and Shape Sorter

By Hape $13 on Amazon
Tiny ones will love the bright colors and fun this toy offers.

32 Playable ART Cube

By playableART $20 on Amazon
You might want to get yourself one of these too. Fun!

33 Architecture United Nations Headquarters

By LEGO $47 on Amazon
Budding architects won't be able to get enough of this toy.

34 Superdisc

By Aerobie $8 on Amazon
Kids will never want to stop playing Frisbee when they have this flying disc.

35 Alexander Girard Memory Game

By AMMO Books $16 on Amazon
Memory is a fun game, but this unique sets makes it even better.

36 8 Piece Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

By Tegu $32 on Amazon
An on the go gift to keep kids entertained in restaurants or at Grandma's house.

37 Classic Etch a Sketch Magic Screen

By Ohio Art $15 on Amazon
Childhood wouldn't be complete without owning an Etch a Sketch.

38 The Perplexing X in a Box

By Monkey Pod Games $7 on Amazon
Challenge your child's brain with this fun toy.

39 Plan Toy Water Blocks

By Plan Toys $38 on Amazon
These are hypnotizing and will be a much loved favorite in no time!

40 Bucky the Deer Recycled Cardboard Sculpture

By Cardboard Safari $30 on Amazon
This will look wonderful in any kid's bedroom.

41 Space Shuttle F/S Discovery - 1/200 Scale Model

By Toys and Models $100 on Amazon
Your future astonaut will love this toy!

42 Alphabet Block Set

By Areaware $46 on Amazon
These blocks are great for playing and learning.

43 Skateboard, Nova / Fury

By Eightbit $30 on Amazon
Who would you give this to?

44 III Polymer Clay Color Sampler, Multicolor

By Sculpey $26 on Amazon
You can't go wrong when you give kids clay to play with.

45 Plastic Human Skull Model

By 3B Scientific $105 on Amazon
Do you know a kid who would love this?

46 Pop-up Op-Art: Vasarely

$23 on Amazon
Looking at this book will never get boring.

47 Time Timer, 8 Inch

By Time Timer LLC $23 on Amazon
Keep track of everything with this fun timer.

48 Go: a Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

By Workman Publishing $11 on Amazon
What a fun book for little kids who love technology.

49 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon

By Bruder Toys $28 on Amazon
Every kids loves having a car to drive around.

50 The Coloring Book

By Tate Publishing $190 on Amazon
Here's a coloring book like one you've never seen before.

51 Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport (at-ST)

By LEGO $420 on Amazon
What fun this is to put together.

52 Hanno Jr. by David Weeks

By Areaware $70 on Amazon
What kid would be sad when they unwrap this guy?

53 Foam Magnets, Pattern Blocks

By Smethport $14 on Amazon
These are fun for kids young and old.

54 Dado Cubes

By Fat Brain Toy Co. $32 on Amazon
Building with these will provide hours of entertainment.

55 Wood Alphabet Factory Blocks

By Uncle Goose $70 on Amazon
Teach the alphabet and have fun at the same time with these blocks.

56 Free Play Magnatab Magnetic Drawing Tablet

By Kid O $20 on Amazon
Your favorite artist will love this toy!

57 The Little World of Liz Climo

$13 on Amazon
Books are never a bad idea for kids!

58 Tints Pocket Pouch Prism, 6 Pieces W/ Felt Pouch

By Tegu $25 on Amazon
Don't these look like fun?

59 Mini Speedy Le Mans

By Playforever $30 on Amazon
Know a budding race car driver? He'll love this!

60 Maple Wood Yo-Yo

By Maple Landmark $6 on Amazon
This isn't your average yo-yo.

61 Stack and Nest Cups (Cool Colors)

By Kid O $12 on Amazon
Stacking is fun for toddlers and they'll love this set.

62 My Cut-out Pictures

By Tate Publishing $20 on Amazon
Artistic kids will adore what this book has to offer.

63 Shoot-the-Moon Board Game

By WE Games $16 on Amazon
No kid could ever have enough board games.

64 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

By Melissa & Doug $55 on Amazon
This simple set of blocks encourages creativity and are really fun too.

65 Racers Lamborghini Gallardo

By LEGO $385 on Amazon
Any kid will love having a Lambo of their very own.

66 Kids White Model E

By Glerups $32 on Amazon
Keep tiny toes warm with these little boots.

67 11 Inch Plush Pink Flamingo

By FAO Schwarz $14 on Amazon
All kids love stuffed animals.

68 Rolling Tik Tok

By Wonderworld $11 on Amazon
This wooden toy is natural and ideal for tiny hands.

69 Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies, Soft Insulated Lunch Bags

By ILOVEBABY $30 on Amazon
Heading to school or daycare will be more fun with this lunchbox.

70 Quadrigo

By Naef $170 on Amazon
Playing with this will never be boring!

71 Motor Max: B-2 Stealth Bomber Scale 1:144

By RBI Toys Inc. $44 on Amazon
Little boys will jump for joy if you give them one of these.

72 Backhoe Set of 2

By Handtrux $40 on Amazon
Little one swill love digging in the sandbox with these toys.

73 City Mining 4x4

By LEGO $17 on Amazon
Engage your child's imagination with this set.

74 Honda City Turbo II

By AUTOart $135 on Amazon
This realistic car is so much fun to play with!

75 Create a Road Tape with Toy Car Playset

By Donkey $20 on Amazon
Setting up his own road will make any little boy happy.

76 Girard Alphabet Blocks

By Uncle Goose $100 on Amazon
What fun colors these blocks are!

77 Doodle Cook

By Phaidon Press $14 on Amazon
Who would you give this book to?

78 BiModal Blocks

By brinca dada $135 on Amazon
What would you kid build with these?

79 Wahoo Ride-on, Pink

By Marky Sparky $45 on Amazon
Riding around the house is always a fun game.

80 City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter

By LEGO $71 on Amazon
Building this will keep your child quiet for hours.

81 Steyr CVT Tractor Model

By Bruder $85 on Amazon
Kow a little farmer who would love this?

82 Skateboard, Surf / Jelly

By Eightbit $40 on Amazon
Here's a skateboard for your girls.

83 Uppercase Alphabet Sand Molds, Set of 26

By Learning Resources $83 on Amazon
Learning will never be as much fun as it is in the sandbox.

84 Official League Baseball 5 Oz

By Rawlings $6 on Amazon
Future MLB players will love this!

85 Puff

$14 on Amazon
Books are always a kid pleaser.

86 Biobu Bamboo Cups, Pinks Set of 4

By Ekobo $20 on Amazon
Having a cup of juice is colorful and fun with these cups.

87 City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

By LEGO $50 on Amazon
Wouldn't your little one love to play with this?

88 Man with Dark Hair and Shoes

By Bruder $23 on Amazon
Action figures are always a fun choice.

89 5" Playball/Solar System

By Crocodile Creek $9 on Amazon
Kickball is in your future with this fun ball.

90 Little Blue and Little Yellow

By Knopf Books for Young Readers $15 on Amazon
Color blending is never more fun than this book makes it.

91 MAD Constructs Learning Blocks

By brinca dada $15 on Amazon
These educational blocks are safe and fun for eve tiny kids.

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