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Reducing housework is something we´d all like to achieve, since we can´t doa way with it altogether! It would be so nice if we could afford maids and cleaners … But until they invent self-cleaning houses, there are lots of ways of reducing housework. So here are some super-simple tips on how to make household chores easier …

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My top tip on how to make household chores easier? Share it! Women often end up doing the majority of housework, and that´s just not fair. If you have a partner of children, make sure that they do their fair share. Don´t listen to any moaning – they help create the work, so they can help deal with it! Even small children can learn to keep their toys tidy and help set the table or fold laundry.



A good way of reducing housework is to keep it manageable by doing a little bit every day. Of course, not all jobs need doing on a daily basis, but it´s a lot easier to clean, for example, if you don´t let the dirt and mess build up. Plus dealing with some aspect of housework every day means that you don´t have a mass of it to tackle at weekends.



The more you have in your house, the likelier it is to get messy and dusty. Objects do attract dust, so the minimalist approach can be quite beneficial if you want to cut down on household chores. Furniture needs polishing, floors need cleaning and clutter needs tidying. Maybe the answer is to have a smaller house!



Few of us want to live in a home that looks like it belongs in the pages of a magazine. That´s not a very comfortable or relaxing way to live. It is worth trying to maintain a reasonable level of tidiness, however. As with cleaning, if you keep on top of the task, you don´t end up with so much to do you don´t know where to start.


To make tidiness more manageable, start by decluttering. Discard items you no longer need or love to reduce the clutter that collects dust and complicates cleaning. Then, develop the habit of putting things away immediately after use. A place for everything and everything in its place isn't just a saying—it's a mindset that can transform chaos into order. Schedule a regular 15-minute tidying session each day to maintain a serene environment. This way, you keep your space looking presentable without the overwhelm. Remember, an orderly home can be a peaceful retreat from the outside world.



Another effective way of reducing housework is to deal with it as soon as it occurs. This is especially relevant with cleaning. If you spill some food on the cooker, clean it up straight away. What happens if you don´t? The spill gets burnt in, and becomes so much harder to remove. Lesson learnt: clean it up straight away.



A good clearout every now and then can be very helpful when it comes to household chores. Get rid of things, and you have more space for storing the things that does matter. As a result, it´s easier to keep the house clean and tidy as there won´t be stuff spilling everywhere.


Don´t Postpone

As I mentioned in point 5, putting off household chores only makes them harder to deal with. This can be in the emotional sense as much as practical. Get your household jobs out of the way and you can relax without thinking about how much is left to do (well, until the next jobs need doing).

Reducing housework is largely a matter of getting on with the job and not making more work for yourself by delaying dealing with it. Little but often is a sensible rule to follow – wash the dishes every day, and you won´t be faced with an ever-growing pile of plates. We all have to do housework, like it or not, so do you have any handy tips on how to make household chores easier?

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These are really good advices, especially the "do not pospone" bit. Thx

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