9 Common Household Items with Lots of Uses ...


9 Common Household Items with Lots of Uses ...
9 Common Household Items with Lots of Uses ...

It’s well known that women are better multi-taskers than men, but did you know there are also some really common household items that multi-task too? But, this little list I’m going to share with you isn’t about pointing out simple everyday objects that can manage to do a few things at once in a way that men can’t. Items with multiple uses can help you declutter and save money. Let’s take a look see at some household items that multi-task.

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Lip Balm

One of the most useful household items that multi-task is good old lip balm. If you want to un-stick the zipper on some pants, or find that your light bulb sockets need some lubrication, or your drawers aren’t running smoothly, lip balm can come to the rescue. Who would’ve thought that the little pot of quite disgusting gloop can actually be so helpful in the home?


Moreover, that handy balm also works wonders on squeaky door hinges. Just a dab of the waxy salve and you're sound-free. During the winter months, if your rings are tough to remove due to chilly-induced swollen fingers, glide some lip balm around your ring to help it slip off with ease. Not limited to just personal care, lip balm can even be used for minor shoe scuffs – buff a small amount on the afflicted area, and watch those shoes shine like new. It's like finding a little magic stick right in your bag!


Grocery Bags

Plastic grocery bags doubtlessly grace the cupboards and drawers of most households, even though we are constantly being told to use reusable bags in favour of the damaging plastic ones. Well if you are a culprit (and let’s face it, we all are) and have stashed some away, you can use them in various ways. One of their most useful purposes is to use them instead of bubble-wrap when packaging breakable items – inexpensive, yet really helpful! Use them to make a mini-greenhouse for plants that need special care, use them to keep anything from getting wet, use them as shoe stretchers … anything – just recycle and reuse them.


Grocery bags are an incredibly versatile household item that can be used for much more than just carrying groceries. Plastic grocery bags are usually made from polyethylene, a type of plastic that is lightweight and inexpensive to produce. However, due to the environmental impact of plastic, it is important to reuse them instead of discarding them after one use.

Grocery bags can be used to store and organize items around the house, such as small toys, craft supplies, and office supplies. They can also be used to protect fragile items when packing and moving, as an alternative to bubble wrap. Simply stuff the bag with newspaper or other soft materials and place the item inside.

Grocery bags can also be used as makeshift greenhouses for plants that need special care. Cut the bag open and place it over the plant, securing it with stakes if necessary. This will create a warm, humid environment for the plant to thrive in. They can also be used to keep items dry, as a makeshift shoe stretcher, and for a variety of other purposes.



Perhaps the king of the household items that multi-task is the humble tube of toothpaste. You can make scratched CDs as good as new, polish your silver and clean a dirty pair of sneakers which you thought you’d have to throw out. If you combine it with a small amount of glue, you can even fix a frayed end of shoe laces!


Toothpaste is one of the most multi-functional items found in the home. Not only is it a great choice for brushing teeth, but it can also be used to clean many other items. For instance, you can use toothpaste to make scratched CDs look like new, polish silver, and clean sneakers. By combining toothpaste with a small amount of glue, you can even fix frayed shoe laces.

Toothpaste is also a great choice for cleaning jewelry. Simply apply a small amount of toothpaste to a damp cloth and gently rub the jewelry. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Toothpaste can also be used to remove crayon marks from walls. Simply apply a small amount of toothpaste to a damp cloth and gently rub the mark. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.



I know what you’re thinking: how on earth are magnets household items with multiple uses? You can use them to seal bags you keep in the fridge, keep your tool box organised and sort out your screws. The uses for magnets may even stretch into things you didn’t think of, like helping to clear out a fish tank (one magnet in a sponge, another on the outside of the glass to clean it without getting messy) or to make your own spice rack. The possibilities with magnets truly are endless.



Vinegar has multiple uses around the home. You can put a drop in your washing machine to recharge your towels, or even deodorize any number of things. You can unclog drain pipes, and give a sparkly-new appearance to the screens of your electronics. Combine it with newspaper to clean windows and use it to degrease a dishwasher.


Vinegar really is a marvel for domestic tasks, and its powers extend to the garden as well. By diluting it with water, you can create a natural weed killer. In the kitchen, it's indispensable; add a splash to boiling water for poached eggs that stay perfectly formed, or mix it with baking soda for a potent cleaning solution that can tackle tough grime. Even your pets can benefit; a rinse in a vinegar-water solution helps repel fleas. This commonplace ingredient is a cornerstone for eco-friendly, effective home management.


Paper Clips

Although they might appear useless, paper clips are actually one of the multi-tasking household products which we all take for granted. You can keep your man’s ties and your scarves and belts straight and organised, break a padlock (your own padlock, of course!), hold mini USB sticks and help you to put on your bracelets when there’s nobody else around. Paper clips are deceivingly useful – no longer will you need them to just hold bits of paper together. There are even ways of turning the humble paper clip into a multi-use safety pin!


Indeed, those tiny metal loops provide clever fixes throughout your home. Straighten out a clip to help reset electronics or poke through a mobile phone’s SIM card ejector hole when the official tool is nowhere to be found. Fashionistas can use a paper clip as an emergency zipper pull or to secure a strapless dress. Creative types might bend paper clips into DIY jewelry or use them to hang ornaments. The beauty of paper clips is their simplicity and versatility; they're small but mighty warriors in the ongoing battle to make daily life a little easier.


Kitty Litter

Even if you don’t have a cat, it never hurts to have a spare bag of kitty litter lying around the house. Much like vinegar, you can use it to deodorize a variety of things such as shoes, trashcans and even the refrigerator. It can also be used in place of rice to dry out electronics dropped into water (so if you’ve accidentally dropped your cell phone down the loo, it’s kitty litter to the rescue).


Hair Dryer

Don’t think of a hair dryer as simply being a means to dry your hair. Despite its name, the hair dryer has a multitude of other purposes – you can clean the dust and dirt away from your keyboard, stretch shoes which are a bit too tight and help with removing stickers which the kids have decided to stick all over their bedroom walls. Of course, hair drying is the main purpose, but the other uses are endless!


In addition, you can harness the warm air feature as a quick fix for wrinkled clothing or even to accelerate the drying process for delicate washables that can't withstand the tumble dryer. Gentle heating can also assist in warming up a chilly bathroom in the winter months before hopping out of the shower. Be mindful, though, never to use it near water to avoid electrical hazards. If your cake icing is taking too long to set, a short blast of cool air can do wonders. The hair dryer is unexpectedly the multitasking tool you never knew you needed!


Nail Polish

We’re not talking about your glitter polish, nor your most expensive favorite color, but nail polish is another of the common items around the home with multiple uses. Use various shades to color code your keys, touch up paint jobs on metal items to prevent rusting, and stop runs in panty hose.

These are some household items that multi-task that I love. Trouble is I end up with a stockpile of nail polish, magnets and paperclips! What are your favorite multi-taskers around the house?

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You can also use gold nail polish to stop necklaces from rubbing your neck or when sit inbetween "the girls" and starts to discolour. And paint the inside of all your cheap rings with thick nail polish (ie black) and they won't leave green marks on your fingers! Win win!

If you spill something on an upholstered chair or a mattress a hair dryer will save the day

great tips, many thanks for sharing!

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