7 Ways to Get Organized ...


7 Ways to Get Organized ...
7 Ways to Get Organized ...

In your busy life, it can be tough finding effective ways to get organized. A lot of the time, you have so much stuff going on that it’s not always easy to keep everything tidy and where it needs to be. But by following just a few easy ways to get organized, you will find that everything will be less chaotic! And less chaos means less stress!

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Baskets and Bins

Instead of having all of your papers and small things lying around askew, put them in fashionable baskets or bins! Each bin could hold a type of item broken into categories. This is also a great way to get organized in your closet! My sister recently bought these adorable bins that slid right into her closet. She now keeps shoes in one bin, scarves in another, and blankets in the third! Is this a great idea or what?


Get Labeled

Labeling cabinets, drawers, and bins is one of the easiest ways to get organized fast and efficiently! By labeling the outsides of containers, it is easy to tell exactly where everything should go and where everything is. It is simple to make labels with just a pencil and paper but you can also get a fancy label maker! They are inexpensive and you can find them at any arts and crafts store! So get labeled and get organized!


Take out, Put Back

Whenever you take something out of your newly labeled basket or bin, be sure to return it back to where it belongs once you are finished with it. This will eliminate important things getting lost and the time you would’ve spent looking for them! Teach your family this easy tip too so that everything stays right where it needs to be at all times!


Use Calendars

Writing everything that needs to be done on a calendar can be very helpful! It helps to keep each day’s affairs in order so there is less confusion. Hang the calendar in a place that you go often and where you can easily see it. Hang a pen or marker next to it and make sure to write every event that is soon to come on the correct date! You will see that this can be a real life-saver!


Make Lists

I am a person who needs to see everything written down in front of me if I am going to get anything done. What I like to do is create "To-Do" lists of everything that I need to get done before a certain date or time. And I cross off everything I’ve finished as I move down the list. It may seem simple but it can be a big help!


Make Routines

Having a set routine to follow every day helps to create balance and stability throughout your week. Following a routine keeps your day organized and allows you to finish everything that you need to get done on time. However, your routine doesn’t have to be so strict that you’re like a zombie following the motions! Just have everything that you need to do and everywhere you need to go planned out in your head beforehand and you will be so organized and efficient that you’ll have so much extra time on your hands!


Plastic Bags

This tip may seem a bit random but trust me, it is awesome. Keeping small things in plastic bags is a really great way to keep little things safely together. I like to get the large, gallon plastic bags and fill them with pens and pencils or even jewelry! And I get the smaller bags for earrings and beads! They can really make easy-to-lose things into easy-to-find things! And they look great because they are clear! Try it out!

Getting organized is a really important way to keep up with your busy schedule and changing life. Without organization, things can get pretty crazy! But luckily there are so many easy and fun tips to get organized that require very minimal effort! Which of these tips do you use in your home?

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This is important cuz in some cases disorganization can cause stress

This is a GREAT idea

I love being organized and always find news ways to be organized

The gallon bag was kind of random. Lol but great idea!!


I have that bedsheet!

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